She Was Late To Work 47 Times But Sued Her Employer For Firing Her

A New York City jury has decided to award a former Equinox gym trainer a whopping $11.25 million after she successfully sued her former employer for dismissing her after she was late to work a total of forty-seven times in less than a year.

The 39-year-old bodybuilder, Robynn Europe, claimed that her termination from the luxury gym was raciaIIy motivated and was not because she was late so many times to work.

According to the lawsuit, Equinox claimed that the trainer was fired for being late to work. However, evidence was collected that showed that other trainers were also late to work a similar amount of times but were not fired – and these trainers were Caucasian.

Europe lives near Coney Island in Brooklyn, which was a total of seventeen miles from the Equinox gym where she worked on 92nd Street in the wealthy Upper East Side neighborhood of Manhattan.

Europe’s lawyers argued in court that the gym fired her for being BI ack and a woman. However, the gym tried to use her tardiness to work as an excuse to fire her. Meanwhile, Maltman still works for the gym despite being a terribIe manager.



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