Michael Vick Leaves A Glowing Review Mike Tomlin: “One Of The Game’s Greatest Coaches”

The Pittsburgh Steelers have always had remarkable head coaches lead the storied franchise, helping propel the Steelers to a record six Lombardi trophies and a massive reputation to uphold. For the past 16 years, Mike Tomlin has been at Pittsburgh’s helm, and he has lived up to the great expectations of a Steelers head coach. Tomlin is widely recognized as one of the best head coaches in the NFL, and even retired players notice his impact on the game.

Former NFL quarterback Michael Vick played for the Steelers back in 2015, and is more familiar with coach Tomlin and his habits than other players and analysts. Vick is considered to be one of the best dual-threat quarterbacks in NFL history, as well as being regarded as the best left-handed quarterback the league has seen.

Vick had unprecedented talent and a unique play style for his time, making him borderline unstoppable and one of the best players during his career. Vick knows that Tomlin has total command over all of his players, and every single one of them respects him as both a person and a coach, making them well-rounded and determined players. He’s one of, if not, the best coach(es) in the game.”I’m going Mike Tomlin. It’s been 16 years of consistency. Last week, signature win against the Baltimore Ravens. Mike Tomlin and the team took it amongst themselves on defense to get the job done. So it goes to show guys will run through a wall for Mike [Tomlin].”

Vick then went on to speak about his own experiences with Tomlin and the Steelers locker room. After playing for the Steelers near the end of his career, Vick has had nothing but kind words and praises for the Pittsburgh way. Vick recognizes Tomlin as one of the best coaches in the NFL, and knows he makes an immediate impact wherever he is. “I was in his locker room. True leader of men, one of the game’s greatest coaches.”

Tomlin’s coaching and decision-making have recently been called into question by many fans, as he continues to stick by the side of the deeply unpopular, Matt Canada. Canada has been engineering one of the worst offenses in the NFL for several years, and Tomlin has made it clear that Canada isn’t going anywhere. Pair that with poor usage of superstars like George Pickens and budding rookie, Joey Porter Jr., some fans believe it’s not on the coordinators, but rather the head coach. However, Tomlin has such a pristine reputation in Pittsburgh; it’s hard to imagine things could crumble so fast. Steelers’ Tomlin’s Future In Question

Ever since the Steelers have had a head coach, it has been customary for them to stay for a long time, if not for their whole career. Seeing that Tomlin has already been in the Steel City for 16 years now, it’s hard to imagine him leaving for another team or another coaching job. Tomlin’s contract with Pittsburgh expires at the end of the 2024 NFL season, so the decision is nearing for him and the Steelers. It’s hard to imagine the Steelers would want to part ways with a Super Bowl-winning head coach who has been the cornerstone of the franchise for close to two decades. Everyone in the Steelers front office knows and has a good relationship with Tomlin. During his career, he has led the Steelers to eight playoff victories and a Super Bowl as a head coach.

Tomlin is currently one of the most decorated active coaches in the NFL and the Steelers wouldn’t let him go easy. While his decision to retire may come soon, we’ve now seen with Sean Payton, retirement doesn’t mean everything. Tomlin still has a very bright future ahead of him as a relatively young coach, and Pittsburgh will always be his home.

What do you think of Vick’s words about Tomlin? Will Tomlin retire as a Steeler? Leave your thoughts in the comments.



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