Whoopi Goldberg says people ‘very annoyed’ with ‘The View’ for not acknowledging Indigenous Peoples’ Day

During a recent episode of “The View,” co-host Whoopi Goldberg acknowledged that some viewers were upset with the show for not celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day on Monday.

Instead, the program featured interviews with ABC foreign correspondent James Longman, who was reporting from Israel amidst ongoing attacks by Hamas, and former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Goldberg mentioned that they had a lot going on during the episode and didn’t have the opportunity to acknowledge the holiday.

Indigenous Peoples’ Day is a holiday recognized by many states as an alternative to or in addition to Columbus Day. The co-hosts of “The View” spoke with Longman about the terr orist att acks in Israel, which had begun over the weekend. Schwarzenegger also joined them for three segments, discussing topics such as immigration, bipartisanship, and his new book.

On a subsequent episode, the co-hosts spoke with ABC’s Matt Gutman about the ongoing attacks in Israel. However, Gutman had to be briefly escorted away from his location due to a security incident before rejoining the hosts.

It was reported that Hamas terrorists had infiltrated Israel and launched over 4,500 rockets from the Gaza Strip, resulting in a d/ath toll exceeding 1,000, according to an Israeli miIitary official. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the situation, stating that Israel’s miIitary response would have long-lasting implications, emphasizing that they had only just begun to strike Hamas.



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