Whoopi Goldberg Purposely ‘Laughs And Pees’ For Her Mental Health

Whoopi Goldberg laughs and pees to keep her mental health in check.

The ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’ actress, 67, said the two things helped her stay balanced while confessing she is now at an age where she involuntarily wets herself if she’s having too much of a good time.

She said when asked by Page Six at the Bring Change to Mind’s 11th annual ‘Revels and Revelations Gala’ how she keeps her mind in check: “I try to laugh and pee.”

Whoopi added she is now at “a certain age” where she wets herself if she starts “having too much fun”.

But ‘The View’ co-host added she is remarkably good at keeping herself composed when it happens, adding: “You go, ‘Oops, gotta go!’”

Whoopi said she couldn’t put a figure on how many bowel accidents she’d had within the last year, but admitted it’s “a lot.”

The actress was seen greeting Robin Williams’ children Zak, 40, and Zelda, 34, as well as the late comedian’s second wife Marsha Garces at the event.

Whoopi and Robin were close until the comic took his life aged 63 in August 2014.

The death of the ‘Mrs Doubtfire’ actor – who also had 31-year-old son Cody – came after a years-long battle with depression, and an autopsy revealed he had been suffering from Lewy body dementia, which can cause behavioural changes including hallucinations, delusions or changes in mood.

Whoopi told Page Six about his kids: “I watched them growing up. It’s hard when people have gone, and then you see the lights that they left behind. It’s kind of wonderful.”



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