SHADY STEVE The View fans mock guest Steve Harvey as Family Feud host wears ‘strange’ accessory for live talk show

THE VIEW fans have mocked guest Steve Harvey as the Family Feud host wore a “strange” accessory for the live talk show.

Steve, 65, walked out to thunderous applause clad in a gray jacket and dark sunglasses to top it all off.As he settled into his chair, the crowd continued to cheer while Steve greeted everyone.

Moderator Whoopi Goldberg asked: “It’s your birthday next week, right? January 16th?”

Steve replied: “66,” as the hosts cooed and wished him a happy birthday.

While Steve filled in Whoopi and the rest of the hosts on what he’s been up to, viewers on Twitter mercilessly mocked the guest for his strange choice of attire.Taking note of the odd choice, one fan wrote “Steve Harvey wearing sunglasses inside #theview.”

Another shared their opinion: “Steve need to take glasses off! IJS #TheView.”

One fan agreed with Steve that he looked good, but the shades weren’t necessary.

“He open casket sharp,” they said, “but why doe? maybe their [sic] the auto tint ones.”Then, one fan simply said “Steve’s glasses #TheView,” summing it all up in a couple of words.

Meanwhile, Whoopi had something important to share in a recent episode.

She insisted during Thursday’s episode of The View that “nobody’s luckier” than her to have her gig.

Whoopi discussed her role as Miss Willa on the series Godfather of Harlem.

“I’m really glad to get the gig,” she said of appearing on the show.

She followed up with: “I like to have some fun sometimes, I’m happy to be doing that.”

Co-host Joy Behar seemed confused, asking “Is this not fun for you?” as she referred to Whoopi’s role on The View.

“This is fun,” Whoopi replied, “but that’s REALLY fun.”

The audience erupted into cheer as Whoopi clarified that both gigs are fun.

She continued: “Nobody is luckier on television than I am to have this gig.”

Whoopi has been the subject of frustrated fans’ ire for some time.

After making antisemitic comments and acting out live on air, many have called for her to be fired from the show.

Earlier this week, Whoopi Goldberg called out co-host Sunny Hostin as the co-host interrupted the show’s moderator in an awkward live moment.

Whoopi, 67, offered her thoughts on the current topic on The View, a political discussion, when she suddenly paused for a beat.

Sunny could be heard speaking very softly in the background while Whoopi was mid-sentence.

She then asked: “How does it look, sharp?” as she spoke to the show’s producers.

Confused, Whoopi looked toward her co-host, asking “You alright?”

A flustered Sunny replied: “I’m being told that we have a picture that I want to call up,” referring to a photo she wanted Whoopi and the others to see.The photo soon appeared on-screen and the frazzled moderator continued her discussion with Hostin.

No one discussed Sunny’s odd interruption further, nor did Sunny explain why she needed to discuss the photo while Whoopi was speaking.



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