Former NFL Player Arrested, Charged With Murder In Death Of His Own Mother!!!

Former NFL Player Sergio Brown has been charged with mu rder after being arrested on Tuesday in connection to the d/ath of his mother, whose body was found in a creek last month. The creek in which his mother’s body was found was behind her Illinois home, and police say that Brown is the top suspect in the alleged homicide.

After a warrant was issued in Illinois for the arrest of the former NFL safety, he was apprehended while crossing the border from Mexico back into the United States through California. The San Diego Police Department Threat Management Unit led the way in arresting Brown.

Sergio Brown released a bizarre video to social media where he addressed the rumors swirling around the death of his mother. Fox News provided a transcript of his rant, which accused the FBI of foul play in the homicide.

Brown said, “Fake news. Fake news. Fake news. It has to be the FBI that came into my house on Bob Marley’s death day with the 511 haze and gas unwarranted. They kidnapped me twice from home – the Maywood Police Department. It had to be the FBI or the Maywood police.”

He continued, ranting and saying, “I thought my f—ing mama was on vacation in Sinaloa. That’s f—ing fake news. Get the f— out of my goddamn face. She’s retired, and you want to come to me? The FBI had to do it. They have some power to do some s— like that. What the f— is going on? That’s fake news.”

A month ago, when news first leaked about the disappearance of Brown’s mother, his aunt Sheila Simmons had this to say. “We’re going to find out what happened because it’s not normal for my sister to not answer her phone, not to respond to text messages. People have been reaching out to her since Friday. No one was able to reach her. Now, I got the call this morning saying that she’s missing, so immediately I came out here and find out my sister is dead.”

Despite Brown’s whereabouts having remained unknown to the public for the better part of the last month, CNN reported that Mexican law enforcement was well aware of Brown’s location and movements since September 19. It was the Mexican authorities who deported Brown, forcing him back to America to face the arrest warrant that was made in his name.

The Brown family issued a statement last week regarding the loss of their mother and the disappearance of Sergio, saying, “We implore law enforcement agencies, particularly the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, to work diligently and thoroughly in pursuit of truth and accountability for Myrtle Jean Simmons-Brown. No family should bear the weight of uncertainty regarding the circumstances of their loved one’s passing.”

With an initial hearing set for November 13, this is not likely to be the last we hear of this bizarre case. Stay tuned for more updates to come as the trial progresses.



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