Breaking; Dylan Mulvaney says woman-of-the-year award ‘means so much more’ after Bud Light backlash

In a recent development, transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney has been bestowed with the title of Woman of the Year by Attitude magazine. The recognition was granted at a ceremony sponsored by Virgin Atlantic in London, where Mulvaney graciously accepted the award. While many have celebrated and offered congratulations, there have been contrasting opinions, with some accusing the decision of “gaslighting women everywhere.” Feminist campaigner Maya Forstater even went so far as to claim it as an “insult.”

During her acceptance speech, Mulvaney expressed her gratitude for receiving the award, particularly from a queer publication, and emphasized its significance to her. She acknowledged the diverse perceptions of her identity, stating that some view her as the woman of the year, some as the woman of a specific period following her public coming out 560 days ago, and some do not perceive her as a woman at all.

Mulvaney candidly shared her realization that, regardless of her efforts, appearance, or opinions, she will never conform to the standards of womanhood set by those who harbor hate. However, she found solace in the support of the queer community, who recognize and embrace her for who she truly is. Mulvaney expressed her appreciation for the recognition taking place in the UK, as it provided her with a sense of liberation and relief from the burdens she had experienced in the US. She fondly described her experience in London, where she felt free from the weight of judgment and discrimination, simply enjoying her time as a woman exploring the city.

While many have celebrated Attitude magazine’s decision to honor Mulvaney, others have criticized it as a disarray. Maya Forstater voiced her concerns, considering it an insult to women, arguing that recognizing a man who dresses as a woman and undergoes cosmetic surgery as the most significant achievement in the realm of women’s work is deeply misogynistic. Piers Morgan also joined the chorus, referring to the decision as “another ludicrous slap in the face to actual women.”

Amidst the divided reactions, it is evident that the recognition has stirred a range of emotions and ignited conversations surrounding gender identity and the portrayal of women’s achievements. Various individuals have expressed their views, with some questioning the selection process and labeling it as a form of gaslighting against women.



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