Ana Navarro calls out The View producer for being ‘cheap’ with show’s set and admits she’s a ‘bully’ in new interview

THE View host Ana Navarro has called out executive producer Brian Teta on a new podcast episode while discussing their talk show’s set.

Ana, 51, sat down with Brian, 47, to chat on Friday’s episode of The View’s Behind the Table podcast.The two started things off hot right away as Brian revealed the set of their podcast studio had just fallen apart.

“Pandemonium is breaking loose here in the podcast studio, the set just collapsed behind us, almost hit me,” he explained.

However, Brian said that “Ana did not flinch.”

Brian then joked: “I don’t understand this, this is a big-time podcast, were a big-time show, and the set’s falling apart.”After asking Ana why the mishap may have happened, the daytime TV host replied: “I think you’re cheap.”

She continued: “You need to spend more money. We have these panels that are barely hanging on for dear life.”

Later on in the podcast, Ana joked with the producer once more when the topic of her writing a book came up.

“If I wrote a book, you would have to review it right?” she asked, to which Brian agreed.”Is that part of my contract?” she followed up.

Brian laughed, replying: “I don’t have it on me, but I could check. This is like last time you were asking if you were paid your worth.

“Every time you’re here I have to have the contract out so I could take a look.”

Ana then joked: “The only reason I agree to do this podcast is because I get to bully you,” adding, “I think that’s why Joy [Behar] does it, too.”

The producer agreed, stating: “Yes I Know, it’s a perk.”

The podcast episode prior featured fellow co-host Sunny Hostin, 54, as she threw more jabs at the EP while discussing the show.

What started as a playful conversation escalated as Brian mentioned how he had to “yell” at the hosts during that day’s episode due to a time constraint.

Sunny interjected, saying: “I don’t like when you play the music, I think it’s rude.”

The host was referring to how Brian plays music during the show to hint to the hosts that it’s time to cut to break.

She defended fellow host Whoopi Goldberg, 67, saying that someone with prestigious awards under their belt should not be cut off.

“Whoopi is an EGOT and you’re playing her off like it’s the Oscars,” she joked, adding: “Rude.”

Brian replied: “We had just had that conversation the commercial before where you were saying you did not enjoy being played off.”Sunny further emphasized her point, clapping back: “I just think it’s rude, you don’t do that to Whoopi or Joy. Rude.”

“What else am I supposed to do? I could get a siren,” he joked once again.



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