Fans rip into Candace Owens after she questioned why no one has married ‘fake’ Taylor Swift

Swifties are not happy after right-wing commentator Candace Owens questioned why the pop star isn’t married yet.

Taylor Swift has had a bunch of very high-profile relationships in her life.

Her most recent finished one with Joe Alwyn lasted for six years and she’s rumored to be dating NFL player Travis Kelce at the moment.

Despite Taylor being linked to the likes of Calvin Harris, Harry Styles, Joe Jonas, Tom Hiddleston and others, Candace is wondering why no one has dropped to one knee for her.

In her podcast, she said: “Why hasn’t any man stepped up to the plate to marry her? Why didn’t Joe Alwyn want to marry her after six years of dating her?

“Well, maybe it’s because Taylor Swift has a lot of personalities, and people think that that’s cute and it’s funny…but me, maybe I suffer from also being a 34-year-old adult woman, I just think it’s odd.

“I think her behavior is really, really cringy.”

She added: “She’s just so fake, so plastic, so manufactured, very unauthentic, and that has always been my assessment about Taylor Swift.”

I mean, there’s probably a bunch of reasons why Swift isn’t yet married and, to be honest, it’s none of Candace’s or anyone else’s business.

But you can just imagine how Owens’ comments went down in the Swiftie universe.One fan said: “Candace Owens is such a vile human. I love how she makes video after video saying Taylor Swift is a ‘mean girl’ and trashing her… uhm sounds like projection hunny.”

Another said: “Candace Owens is a joke. Taylor Swift IS NOT!”

A third went for the jugular by writing: “Candace Owens thinks a woman doesn’t have any value unless a man chooses to marry them. Taylor Swift knows she is worth more. Be like Taylor, know your own self worth.”

Candace Owens got engaged to her husband The Honourable George Farmer after just a few weeks of meeting each other.

So that’s maybe the reason she’s questioning why a pop star at the top of her game and is raking in hundreds of millions of dollars from her sold out world tour might not be settling down to get married.



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