BREAKING; Jason Whitlock Rips ‘Fraud’ Megan Rapinoe: ‘She’s the Andrew Tate of LG’BTQ’

Jason Whitlock: “Title IX is one of the greatest hustles in the history of pimping. Iceberg ‘Kims’ convinced a U.S President and the 92nd Congress to mandate that billions of dollars be siphoned away from boys and invested in creating female jocks.

It didn’t matter that girls are far less likely to be interested in competitive sports, or that participation in competitive sports worked against women’s supernatural reproductive powers. The American government has spent 50 years and trillions of dollars creating hardcore female jocks.

We owed that to women because the government previously spent billions convincing men to take an interest in competitive sports. Oh wait, that didn’t happen. The government didn’t have to manufacture and bribe men to take an interest in competitive sports. It’s in the nature of men, and we don’t get pregnant and carry a baby inside us for nine months at a time. There are actual physical differences between men and women that explain our disparate interest in playing games.

Imagine that? Imagine spending billions of dollars in 50 years to create an unbeatable women’s soccer team and the players on that team using their government paid for platforms to demonize their investors. That’s the women’s national soccer team. That’s Megan Rapinoe.

That’s the group of overpaid, spoiled, and entitled women who claim they’re underpaid, underappreciated, and represent a racist, homophobic, and se x ist country. I despise them.

I want them to lose. I’m delighted that Rapinoe played awful Tuesday morning a few days after insinuating that she could have made a ‘difference’ in the team’s 1-1 tie with the Netherlands. Rapinoe is the ultimate pimp. She’s the Andrew Tate of LGBTQ feminism.

She sees herself as a force for good, a force for freedom, and proper femininity. She believes she’s a threat to the establishment.

She’s popular, people Google her and react to the things she says. She’s wealthy beyond her imagination, se xuaIIy liberated, and adored by her followers.

She’s a fraud. She hates America because she hates herself. Her dyed hair, rebellious persona, constant smirk, and social justice posturing are beards masking her shallowness. She’s toxic. Her attitude pervades the national team.

At 38, she’s only on the roster to further burnish her brand. The younger players mirror the attitude of the team’s biggest star, they have little interest in representing America and competing at the highest level.

They want to go viral and cash in on the feminism pimp game. Don’t waste a second questioning your disdain for this team and Rapinoe, they deserve it. We poured everything we had into their success, diminished opportunities for boys and men for their success, and they’ve repaid us with ingratitude. Rooting for Sweden on Sunday, that’s our reparations.”



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