NFL Legend Troy Aikman Slams Bud Light In Epic Promotional Video

NFL legend Troy Aikman has hopped on the bandwagon and released a video slamming woke beers like Bud Light as he promotes his own competitor in a recent social media flick. Aikman’s beverage, called EIGHT, is a light beer that seeks to capitalize on the growing hole in the beer market. By remaining patriotic and anti-woke, Aikman hopes to see EIGHT become a mainstay in refrigerators all across America.

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Aikman appears to have taken issues with woke beer companies using the American flag and other patriotic insignia to promote their beer, as he thinks they are only using it as a means to sell products. In his video, Aikman spoke about his disgust with such tactics, saying, “At EIGHT, we believe in truth and authenticity. Our company is proudly based right here in Texas and all of our beer is brewed right here in the good ‘ol USA. So, I’ve gotta call it like it is. There are a lot of beer brands out there that are trying to cash in on this holiday by slapping an American flag on their package”

Recently, Bud Light released a cameo can in part of a partnership with “Folds of Honor” in an attempt to show that they regret the Dylan Mulvaney marketing disaster. The only problem is that with so many competitors on the market, beer drinkers are asking why they should go back to a brand that so blatantly went woke.

Aikman then went on to urge his fans to “Drink American” in the next part of his epic promo, saying, “Regardless of whether or not they are truly American. So this July 4th, drink American – whether it’s EIGHT beer or any other American-owned beer brand. And on behalf of all of us out here, we appreciate your support. Cheers.”

The comment section of the post was swarming with fans who couldn’t wait to get their hands on some EIGHT beer. With the company not yet having reached national distribution, it is no wonder why so many fans are longing for their chance to try the patriotic brand.

One commenter said, “I’m a 76 year old man who is trying to lead an active healthy lifestyle. Eight Beer is definitely something that helps me do so.” Another wrote, “Well done my guy! Looking forward to national distribution. You have consumers in Oregon waiting patiently. We know you get some of your hops from here ( Corvallis Oregon.) looking forward to buying Eight.”

With so many competitors swarming the market, circling the beer market like vultures above a dead animal, Bud Light has to be wondering if it will ever be able to recover the massive market share that it so recently held. If current trends are any indication, the days of Bud Light leading the domestic beer market are long gone.

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