EXCLUSIVE; Floyd Mayweather using his private plane to send supplies to Israel with relief group

Boxer Floyd Mayweather is supplying supplies to Israel via a private jet following the Hamas attacks as the confIict with Palestine continues.

The former world champion has been one of the most vocal supporters of Israel after an estimated 1,200 citizens were kiIIed in towns near the Gaza Strip. Now the boxing icon has arranged for a private plane to carry supplies to the region in a further show of support for the Israeli people.

In a bid to get aid to those caught up in the conflict, he chartered the aircraft after teaming up with a relief organisation, according to TMZ. The report contends that Mayweather’s pilots AJ Ramey, Chris Javier, Sam Kniskern, and Freeman Blakney have been tasked with flying the aid to the Middle East.

It is claimed that on board the plane are a host of different supplies, including food and water, as well as bulletproof vests for the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) and civilians. This is the latest act of this kind from Mayweather, who also gave his support to the victims of the Maui fires over the summer.

Now, Mayweather has joined a host of celebrities in condemning the actions of Hamas, taking to his social media to give his support to the Israeli people. On his Instagram page, he posted a picture of of himself on a previous visit to Jerusalem, with the caption: “I stand with Israel against the Hamas.



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