WHERE’S WHOOPI? The View guest Julia Fox pushes for permanent gig on talk show as Whoopi Goldberg goes missing from panel

A GUEST on Wednesday’s episode of The View has asked for a permanent spot on the panel.

She did so as Whoopi Goldberg was missing from the talk show.

Julia Fox is best known for her role in the film Uncut Gems.However, she just released a memoir called Down the Drain and entered a “new chapter,” as Joy Behar said.

“She’s opening up about another chapter in her life – one about sex, sugar daddies, addiction, abuse, and ultimately survival.”As Julia, 33, walked out on set, she hinted at yet another chapter that she would love to pursue.”Are you guys hiring? Because I really like it here,” she asked.”You look great here,” Alyssa Farah Griffin, 34, told her.

Joy, 81, told her that she “has a lot of fans here.”Julia’s comment came the same day as Whoopi, 67, went mysteriously missing from the talk show.WHOOPI’S MIA
Joy took over as moderator on Wednesday, as Whoopi was absent.

She usually sits in the middle, but came out and sat on the left edge on the most recent episode.Once the hosts were seated, Joy told viewers that it was clear Whoopi was not there.“Welcome to The View. As you can see, Whoopi is off today,” Joy said.The veteran host was joined by Sara Haines, 46, Ana Navarro, 51, Sunny Hostin, 54, and Alyssa.

The comedian was cryptic about her co-host’s absence but let everyone know: “She’s off doing something really exciting. But I can’t tell you what it is.”“Because we want you to watch on Monday when she’ll tell you what it is. OK? But trust me, it’s a good one.”It is not clear when Whoopi is returning to the talk show.

Before Whoopi went missing, she and her co-hosts gave their producer a hard time.Producer Brian Teta, 47, unsuccessfully attempted to get Whoopi’s attention when it was time to go to commercial.

During the segment, the View hosts discussed the recent study that suggests parents yelling at their children could be as damaging as physical or sexual abuse.Near the end of the debate, Sara revealed that she feels very guilty when she sometimes screams at her children.She explained: “When you’re screaming at them you recognize you’re not modeling what you’d like because you’re teaching a child to regulate their emotions while not regulating your own.”Whoopi then interrupted: “Nuh Uh!”

“You’re teaching the child ‘don’t touch the oven ‘cuz I said so!”The audience broke into laughter as Whoop reassured Sara not to feel guilty.The producer then did some yelling of his own.

Brian shouted to the panelists before Alyssa could give her opinion on the subject: “Cut to commercial!”The camera cut to the producer as he ordered: “Do it now!”Looking offended, Whoopi asked: “What did he say?”

The audience and some of the hosts laughed nervously.Brian repeated with a raised voice: “Do it now! Go to commercial!”Whoopi, playing along, asked: “I’m sorry. Did you say something?”Courage depleted, the producer shook his head and said in an inside voice: “No.”Brian covered his mic and begged: “Please go to commercial.”



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