Clay Travis on Lia Thomas competition controversy: ‘This is steroids on an entirely different level’

OutKick founder Clay Travis responded to transgender former Penn swimmer Lia Thomas’ first TV interview following her winning competition season, arguing Thomas has a “competitive advantage” against other female swimmers.

On “America’s Newsroom” Tuesday, Travis urged the need to “make decisions” on transgender athletes either to support fair competition for biological females or allow biological males to be “some of the greatest women’s athletes of all time.

“CLAY TRAVIS: Testosterone is a major beneficiary to men and to women. Here’s the reality.

We banned steroids because they allowed people to have a competitive advantage that wouldn’t naturally exist, and in essence, to provide fair competition.

How in the world are we going to allow this to occur when this is steroids on an entirely different level for men to be able to compete against women? And by the way, it’s going to become increasingly a reality everywhere.

Track and field, swimming, basketball, soccer, everywhere. There are going to be transgender athletes, and we have to make decisions here. My position is you either choose biological women compete against biological women, or you acknowledge that men who identify as women are going to become some of the greatest women’s athletes of all time.



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