The View host Whoopi Goldberg struggles to hide her panic as ABC news correspondent in Israel is interrupted by a sudden ‘security incident’ mid-broadcast

The View’s Whoopi Goldberg was left panicked when a ‘security incident’ interrupted a live broadcast from Israel during Tuesday’s show.

Whoopi, 67, and the rest of the panel were speaking to ABC News chief National correspondent Matt Gutman, who was reporting from just outside of Sderot, which was one of the first settlements to come under attack by the Hamas gunman, who moved through the city shortly after dawn last Saturday.

As Matt, 45, explained that there had been ‘small arms fire’ in his exact location in ‘the past hour and a half’, he was approached by a man dressed in uniform who told him: ‘The IDF [Israel Defense Forces] has issued an immediate alert that everybody has to leave. There is some security incident just near us.’Dressed in a black T-shirt and a bullet proof vest, Matt started walking backwards as he continued speaking to camera as Whoopi ordered: ‘Go do what you gotta do, we got you.’

‘We’re okay, we’re walking to the car anyway which is right over there,’ he replied, before adding: ‘But can I explain what’s going on? They’ve had this battle, and I just want to show you what’s going on here…’These armored jeeps are going towards where we’ve been hearing this incessant gunfire and just on the other side of that bridge, we’ve seen a large number of troops headed in that direction, you see the ambulances over there.’

As he continued walking and talking, Whoopi told him: ‘Get in a car, Matt! Get in the car,’ as her co-host Sara Haines added: ‘Be careful, Matt.’

Whoopi appeared lost for words as programming cut back to the studio, and said: ‘Well, that’s what happens when it’s live and you’re in the middle of it. We got our fingers crossed that he’s safe and he’s going to remain safe.’

Joy Behar, 81, added: ‘Oh my God.’

Alyssa Farah Griffin, 34, praised the ‘incredible journalists’ who are reporting from the war zone and told her co-hosts: ‘We are witnessing true evil and I just… my hearts are with the Israeli people. My heart is praying for a peaceful solution to this.’

When the show returned from the first commercial break, Whoopi and her co-hosts spoke to Matt again – who confirmed he was now safe.

‘There is a pretty significant movement of troops here. We’re okay where we are right now, but you can hear booms in the distance. There was significant gunfire, there was a helicopter, gunship in the air. Obviously they found something, but we are safe right now, Whoopi,’ Matt explained.

‘We are just outside of Sderot and about a mile in that direction is the border with Gaza, just a little bit to the left of where I am right now is this town of Kfar aza, which was decimated. This whole area here, all of the towns have been completely evacuated of civilians, many of the people there have been killed.’The death toll is over 900. So now we understood that the Israeli military had cleared this area, but that does not appear to be the case. So they think that Hamas militants are still around.’

As footage played out of Matt experiencing another ‘close call’ while reporting on Monday, Sara then asked him: ‘This is all incredibly dangerous, what are you feeling like in a moment like that?’

Matt replied: ‘I feel for the people who live here. You get an understanding of what it’s like to live under those explosions and these towns have completely emptied out. So yes, I was scared, but I also felt, “these people have been living like this”.

‘It is incredibly difficult and disconcerting, these areas are ghost towns, you don’t see anybody moving anymore. And that is the situation in a lot of Israel right now. There is a tremendous amount of trauma, a tremendous amount of anger at this point. Also on the Palestinian side. But that is what is so worrying is that there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight.’

Whoopi urged him to ‘stay safe’ again and said: ‘We are with you and we’re hoping for the best for everybody,’ before taking the show to another commercial break.

Viewers tuning in at home were also quick to send their well wishes to Matt and shared their thoughts online.

‘Prayers up for Matt Gutman #theView,’ one person wrote on Twitter, while another wrote: ‘ Matt please be careful! #theview.’A third viewer said: ‘This is scary af! Matt and the crew better stay safe #TheView,’ and a fourth claimed: ‘Matt needs to come back home at this point. Things are going to get worse.’

Someone else added: ‘Please get away from there, come home,’ while another begged: ‘Get off the camera and head to safety!’

Later on in the show, the panel discussed the effects such events can have on people’s mental health as Alyssa admitted: ‘There is something about if you’re just watching horrific atrocities take place, I think it wears on any of us.

‘I found myself having nightmares over it and we can’t turn a blind eye to bad things that are happening. But we have to take care of our insides,’ the 34-year-old added.

When Joy mentioned the fact that she has ‘lived long enough to see other bad times’, Whoopi was keen to express her thoughts and claimed: ‘Every 25 years, it gets nutty and we get through it.’

She continued: ‘We fight our way through, we keep doing what we need to do to come together because it has been bad for so many for so long. So the only way it’s going to get better is if we take care of ourselves and then take care of each other.’

The devastating attacks began after Hamas terrorists stormed into Israel last Saturday, bringing gun battles to its streets for the first time in decades.

At least 1,600 lives have already been claimed on both sides, and perhaps hundreds more, with Israel saying on Tuesday its death toll had risen passed 1,000, although separate reports suggested the total toll could be much higher.

In Gaza and the West Bank, 704 people have been killed, according to authorities there; Israel says hundreds of Hamas fighters are among them. Thousands have been wounded on both sides.

The bodies of roughly 1,500 Hamas fighters were found on Israeli territory, the military said. It wasn’t immediately clear whether those numbers overlapped with deaths previously reported by Palestinian authorities.



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