“Let Me Give You A Warning”: Giuliani Shares Cryptic, Worrisome Warning Ahead Of Trump Georgia Arrest

Ahead of being arrested in Fulton County, GA, and booked on charges stemming from the Trump Campaign’s response to the 2020 election, former New York City mayor and attorney to then-President Donald Trump Rudy Giuliani issued a stark warning to the former commander-in-chief’s political allies when speaking to media.

Beginning, Mr. Giuliani first established his credentials as a fighter for “justice” who is a close ally of the president, who he argued has already been proven innocent several times despite the unremitting attacks upon him.“I am fighting for justice. I have been from the first moment I represented Donald Trump, and as a man who has now been proven innocent several times,” Mr. Giuliani said, noting that he was one of the lawyers who was there for the former president in the fury and chaos of the months after the 2020 election.

Continuing, Mr. Giuliani shredded those who are launching those unremitting and continual attacks on Trump, saying that they are destroying “sacred right” with their politicization of the justice system in a desperate attempt to harm Trump. He said, “I don’t know how many times he has to be proven innocent, and they have to be proven to be liars. Actually, enemies of our republic, we are destroying rights, sacred rights.”He then got to what he obviously thinks is one of the biggest issues with the case in Georgia, which is that it is an attack on the legal team for the former president. Speaking about that issue, Mr. Giuliani said, “They are destroying my right to counsel, my right to be a lawyer. They’re destroying his right to counsel. It’s not accidental they’ve indicted all the lawyers. Never heard of that before in America. All the lawyers indicted.”

That’s when he got to his stark warning for those allies of the former president, telling them that the attacks on President Trump signal that the attacks will soon expand to everyone and that “they’re gonna come for” all the president’s allies.

He said, “Now, whether you dislike or like Donald Trump, let me give you a warning. They’re gonna come for you. When the political winds shift, as they always do, let us pray that Republicans are more honest, more trustworthy, and more American than these people in charge of this government.”

On a similar note, former President Trump reposted, on Truth Social, a Mark Levin post saying, “The Democrat Party has interfered in the GOP primary system by launching scores of indictments in four different jurisdictions under three different Democrat prosecutors at the federal, state, and local levels. And they continue to prop up through coverups, propaganda, and censorship their own candidate, who is corrupt and mentally unfit.”

Levin also said, in another post reposted by former President Trump, “And it is something the Marxist left has been pushing for years against Trump. Trump aside, they are burning down one institution after another self-righteously claiming that they are standing up to tyranny and for the republic. I will address this on the air tonight.”

Featured image credit: By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America – Rudy Giuliani, CC BY-SA 2.0,



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