Chip Roy: No Funding For Ukraine Until Border Secured, Fiscal House In Order

America keeps printing and spending money, with the deficit well north of a trillion dollars and the total national debt, excluding the mind-boggling unfunded liabilities amount, sitting significantly above $32 trillion and increasing every day. Meanwhile, America’s southern border lies seemingly undefended. Rep. Chip Roy is demanding that those two issues be rectified before any more aid is sent to Ukraine.

Rep. Roy said as much in a recent interview with Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity, whom he told that we will refuse to pass any more spending meant for the Ukrainians until the border is secured and America’s fiscal house is put in order.Rep. Roy’s comments on the matter came when Hannity asked him why the House hadn’t focused on the fiscal and border security issues. He asked, “Fiscal responsibility and border security, I think, have got to be Republicans’ top two priorities. That would have worked. Why didn’t that pass?”

Rep. Roy, in response, indirectly blamed Gaetz and others for not backing yet another continuing resolution, asking, “Well, you’ll have to talk to the ones who voted against it. Look, the reason it didn’t pass was because some people didn’t want to have anything that continued moving in the direction with something like a continuing resolution.”Continuing, he added that the GOP should have focused on rallying around those two issues and demanding border security and budget cuts from any spending package, saying, “But here’s my view: if you get cuts in place and if you get the Republican conference to rally around cutting spending and agreeing with the argument of no security, no funding, then we ought to stick with it. And so, that’s where I would have gone.”Rep. Roy then went on to note that the current spending package is something he did not support, saying, “But we sit here where we are now, with a 45-day continuing resolution that I opposed, that Byron opposed, that 90-something Republicans oppose. So now we’ve got to work hard, and we’ve got to use the leverage we have in front of us.”

He then got to emphasizing the scope of the problem and arguing that the GOP needs to ensure no more funding is spent on funding the Ukrainians until America’s border is secure and substantial cuts to the budget have been made so that the spending issue has been brought under control so that the fiscal situation is not so dire.

He said, “Let’s be very clear: there’s going to be a lot coming at us over the next 45 days. We need to get the appropriations bills done under the debt ceiling deal, get spending down, and we need to make sure that not $1 is going to Ukraine, not $1 is going to Ukraine unless we do our job is secure the border first and unless we pay for anything we do and unless we get appropriations done. And even then, I’m not interested in continuing to fund a proxy war, but we’ve got to do our job to leverage that to force change.”

Watch Roy speak to Hannity here:



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