Whoopi Goldberg reveals on The View that her GRANDDAUGHTER had a ‘similar’ freak out to Tom Hanks’ niece on reality TV show ‘Claim to Fame’ – as she plays footage of her cursing on air

Whoopi Goldberg has revealed her granddaughter had a ‘similar’ freak out on the show Claim to Fame as Tom Hanks’ niece.

The View co-host, 67, reminded the audience that her granddaughter Amara Skye was on the first season of the Claim to Fame – hosted by Frankie and Kevin Jonas – and had a breakdown like Hanks’ niece Carly Reeves on the current season.

Goldberg played a clip of Reeves, but quickly added: ‘I have to say, before I continue on, that apparently my granddaughter had a similar freak out.’

She then played the footage of Skye during her time on the show, with the TV host saying: ‘That’s why you can’t hear her because she’s cursing.’

On the August 2022 episode, Skye was confident her fellow player Lark had no idea ‘who I am.’

‘[Lark’s] a little kitty cat. She doesn’t have no bite,’ Skye said at the time. ‘Because she did this dumba** move, the house is about to go nutty.’

Seconds later, Skye would find out she was wrong about her fellow contestant, who correctly called her out before being Goldberg’s relative.

After the dramatic 10-second reveal, Skye was given a chance to say her goodbyes, where she told the other players: ‘F**k y’all, but alright.

‘I am Whoopi’s granddaughter. I’m going to go out cussing like a motherf**ker, and you better bleep every f**king thing I say in this b**ch,’ she said on the ABC show.

Goldberg said on Wednesday’s show ‘Amara lasted a long time on the show’ and said she found it amusing Skye choose to say she was an ‘award-winning porn star.’

‘It is true that I am an award winner, but it is not true that I was, or am, or will ever be a porn star – not that there’s anything wrong with it, but come on,’ Goldberg said.



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