“Tragically Sad, Downright Pathetic:” Colin Kaepernick’s Letter To The Jets Shredded By Media Icon

Colin Kaepernick hasn’t thrown a football in a professional game since 2016. It’s not as if the erstwhile quarterback and full-time social justice warrior hasn’t had chances, however. Kaepernick was offered a contract extension from the San Francisco 49ers, which he declined, and has also had offers from the Alliance of American Football, the XFL, and the Canadian Football League.

Rather than play the game that made him obscenely rich, Colin Kaepernick instead decided to use his platform to complain about America. When he wasn’t comparing the league to working on a plantation, he was likening the NFL draft to a slave auction, further distancing himself from an NFL job.Kaepernick has also had workouts for NFL teams in recent years, but on one occasion, he rescheduled the workout to fit his own demands, and on another, he reportedly was terrible. By all measures, Kaepernick is finished as an NFL quarterback.

However, that hasn’t stopped him from begging for another chance. When Aaron Rodgers shredded his Achilles tendon and the New York Jets season along with it, the former quarterback immediately reached out to the team asking for a workout. The Jets reportedly passed, instead sticking with former first-round pick Zach Wilson.To date, Wilson hasn’t exactly set the league on fire, so Kaepernick threw a Hail Mary and wrote a letter to the team essentially begging to be on the practice squad. In his letter, he wrote: “I know that there are currently depth issues at the position, and I’ve heard that the back-up spot is likely to be filled by a veteran Quarterback. As much as I would love the opportunity to fill that spot, I’m writing you in hopes that you can imagine a much different approach involving me; I would be honored and extremely grateful for the opportunity to come in and lead the practice squad. I would do this with the sole mission of getting your defense ready each week. If I were able to fill this role for the team, I believe this allows for multiple things.”While the Jets have remained mum, another high-profile talk radio personality has weighed in, and he wasn’t nice. On his show, “The Breakfast Club,” Charlamagne Tha God had some harsh words for Kaepernick. he said: “I wish that letter was never written. That letter was tragically sad and downright pathetic. Colin Kaepernick has let his setback become his identity, and I hate that for him. It pains to see that man still begging to be in a league that he called racist and he compared to a plantation.”

Charlamagne is, of course, referring to Kaepernick likening playing a child’s game for millions of dollars to working as a slave on a plantation, a comparison many found extremely offensive. Tha God continued: “And I hate that he can never speak for himself. He always got somebody else speaking for him or putting out his message for him. That’s so wack to me. I wish Colin the best in all his endeavors but just begging these same people you called racist for an opportunity is pitiful.”It appears to be over for Colin Kaepernick. The NFL knows it, fans know it, and Charlamagne Tha God knows it. The sooner Kaepernick comes to terms with it, the better.



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