Jason Aldean’s Wife, Brittany Aldean, Fires Back At Haters Over Controversial Photo Of 4-Year-Old Daughter In Bikini

Jason Aldean’s wife, Brittany Aldean, is firing back at Instagram users who criticized her for posting a photo of their 4-year-old daughter, Navy, in a bikini.

Brittany, 35, took to Instagram stories on Wednesday (June 28) to defend her decision to post the photos of Navy.“There’s A Lot Of People That Are Offended”
“It’s no secret that I can tend to rile people up by some of the posts that I post. Fine, there’s a lot of people that are offended by everything these days, I don’t really freaking care,” Brittany began.“But, I have been reading recently some of the comments under, two posts ago, I posted about my daughter. She was in a bathing suit we happen to be in Florida, it’s natural for her to be in a bathing suit, but apparently, that’s sexualizing my child,” Brittany quipped. “I also saw a couple comments where people were insinuating that, you know, it was wrong for me to fight against Balenciaga and all these other things yet post my daughter in a bathing suit. Let me refresh your memory.”

“It’s Not A Comparison For Me”
He then shared a slide comparing photos used in the provocative Balenciaga campaign alongside a photo of Navy.

“This and this are not the same,” she declared. “This and this, are not the same,” she declared. “Now call me crazy but BDSM being just splatted all over the campaign. Teddy bears in bondage gear with children holding them… there are so many things wrong with that campaign. Of course as a parent I had an issue with that. My child in a bathing suit at 4 at the beach it’s not a comparison for me. I’m not the one.”Instagram Users Criticized Her Parenting
Brittany’s response comes after reading dozens of comments from Instagram users, who critiqued her parenting and questioned why she would post photos of her daughter in a bikini.“And somewhere some creep is saving this photo of your kid 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄,” one of her followers wrote, while others added, “Ugh I wouldn’t post your babies in swimsuits , creeps everywhere” and “there are sick pervy creeps probably taking these photos and putting them on the dark web or something. I’m surprised Jason would be ok with this.”

Another one of her followers commented saying, “I love you guys and she is an absolute sweetheart, but I would not post this picture. I don’t know. Why take the chance? She’s too important.”Some Fans Were Positive
Other comments were more positive.

“Aww I love this sweet girl so much ❤️ so beautiful ❤️🥰❤️,” wrote an Instagram user, while another commented, “She’s absolutely precious!! I love her sassy & fearless personality.

Despite the comments, Brittany Aldean returned to the beach with Navy and said, “Now, back to our regularly scheduled program.”Brittany Aldean Previously Spoke Out Against The Controversial Balenciaga Campaign
Late last year, Brittany Aldean spoke out against the controversial Balenciaga holiday ad campaign that featured images of young children holding teddy bears dressed in bondage clothing surfaced online. Additionally, the brand’s Spring 2023 advertising campaign also involved a reference to a child pornography Supreme Court case.

At the time, Brittany trashed all of her Balenciaga accessories and clothing amid the brand’s ongoing scandal regarding the aforementioned recent ad campaign.When news of the campaign began to circulate around the internet, Brittany was quick to speak out via Instagram stories. And on November 30, Brittany proved her disdain for Balenciaga when she shared a photo showing herself throwing out what appears to be thousands of dollars of Balenciaga branded clothes, accessories, and shoes.

“It’s trash day @balenciaga,” she captioned her posts. READ MORE



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