High school football coach responds after viral video of referee appearing to rip helmet off of player

It’s not the kind of game highlight Whitney High’s football Coach David Haynes wanted: Video seemingly showing a referee grabbing one of his players and ripping his helmet off during Friday night’s game against Dallas Madison.

“Just to see something like that happen to our kids, it’s upsetting,” Haynes said.

This kid also happened to be his biological son, David Haynes lll, and was ejected from the game.

Haynes said he didn’t see the incident unfold.

“The official, I see he has a helmet in his hands and I don’t know what’s going on. I’m asking him, and then he said that, you know, we had somebody—one of our players tried to maliciously run him over,” Haynes recalled.

Haynes’ wife caught the incident on camera, which they both say shows their son bumped into the referee by accident. They want him to be able to play their next game on Friday.

“When you get kicked out of the game, you get suspended for the next game,” Haynes explained. “He’s a great kid, so I don’t want him to be suspended his senior year for playing football the right way.” FULL STORY



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