Whoopi Goldberg loses her cool! The View host YELLS at her co-star Alyssa Farah Griffin as panel show descends into chaos YET AGAIN during heated argument about Republican debate

Whoopi Goldberg was forced to tell Alyssa Farah Griffin to ‘listen’ during Thursday’s edition of The View as the panel erupted into chaos during another fiery political debate.

Whoopi, 67, was clearly frustrated as Alyssa, 34, and her other co-hosts Sara Haines, Joy Behar, and Sunny Hostin shouted over one another as they discussed the Republican presidential debate, which took place on September 27.

After letting Sunny and Alyssa battle it out for a minute or so, the Sister Act star decided to speak up and told the panel, ‘I’ve been quiet for everybody,’ and was clearly annoyed with her co-stars raising their voices.

Alyssa was also left irked by the debate as she kept glancing over at executive producer Brian Teta each time someone interrupted her, and when she finally got a chance to speak, she was fuming when the theme tune started playing as the show prepared to cut to a commercial break.

The former White House aide appeared to be on a roll as she defended former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley, but she looked so fed up when the music started playing mid-sentence as she told the panel: ‘I had a lot more to say!’The camera immediately cut to Whoopi, who gave Alyssa a look and then replied sarcastically: ‘Unfortunately, it’s only an hour show so we can’t do that.’

Nikki Haley was certainly a bone of contention among the panel as Sunny, 54, branded her a ‘hypocrite’ while Alyssa argued that her fellow Republican had laid out decent policies and ideas at the debate.

‘Here’s my problem with Nikki Haley… when people say, “Well what have you done?” I wanted to know what she had done, really. What policies at the U.N. because that’s her,’ Whoopi said as Alyssa interrupted her and claimed: ‘She’s a successful two-term governor.’

But Whoopi was having none of it and retaliated: ‘Wait a minute! She was an okay governor, she wasn’t a great governor, and you may think she’s the cat’s meow, I do not!

‘So when I listen to her, I want to hear somebody say, “And here’s what we’re going to do…”‘ Whoopi continued as Alyssa fired back: ‘Did you guys all watch it? I thought she did that!’

Confirming that she did watch the debate on television, Whoopi responded: ‘Listen, I listen to Republicans, listen, I’ve been sitting listening to you and I’ve been quiet for everybody so I’m just saying…’ as Alyssa butted in again and said: ‘Yeah, you do listen to everyone, you do.’

Determined to finish her piece, Whoopi added: ‘I try and I didn’t hear the thing I needed to hear as an American, which is, what are you going to do about this and this? I don’t want to know about the wars, the culture wars, I don’t wanna hear anybody else talking about culture wars…’

‘She didn’t bring it up…’ Alyssa said under her breath, but Whoopi didn’t miss a trick and fired back: ‘The whole panel talked about culture wars, and that’s the problem for me.’The show then cut to a commercial break, but when it returned, the panel were still discussing the Republican debate and still shouting over one another.

Mom-of-two Sunny hit out at Nikki again and argued that ‘fracking is a huge climate change problem’, and when Sara and Alyssa attempted to interrupt, she refused to let them.

‘If I could finish… the other thing about Nikki Haley is when she was governor, I agree with you Whoopi, I don’t think she did such a great governorship job, especially because she’s a flip-flopper. That’s why I call her a hypocrite.’

Alyssa then piped up again and announced: ‘We have to have a battle of ideas and I think that there is something better for this country than Donald Trump versus Joe Biden again. Nikki Haley is the closest for me.’

When Joy asked what Nikki’s position is on Ukraine, Alyssa replied immediately and argued she ‘wants to help them win the war against Russia’ but as she continued chatting away, The View theme tune started playing and stopped her in her tracks.

Throwing her hands up in frustration, Alyssa glanced over at the show’s executive producer Brian as Joy told her: ‘Go ahead, finish your sentence,’ but Alyssa refused and claimed she ‘had a lot more to say’.

The friction between the hosts didn’t go unnoticed and viewers swiftly took to X – formerly known as Twitter – to share their thoughts.

‘Whoopi needs to check Alyssa. I am sick of her condensing tone she exhibits to Sunny and she doesn’t respect Whoopi at all. #enough #TheView,’ one person fumed.



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