Couple Married For 62 Years Passes Away Just 90 Min Apart Holding Hands Till Their Last Breath

It is quite hard to find incredible love stories nowadays. The older couples seem to have amazing stories that demonstrate their love for each other. In 2017, Tom and Delma Ledbetter, a Texas couple, held hands in a hospital just a few hours before they died. What could have made them stay together and demonstrate their affection till the last minute?

Tom’s granddaughter, Stephanie, was present during the last few hours of her grandparent’s life. She was keen to capture their last moment together in a heartbreaking photo that everybody would want to see.

The incredible picture of the lovely old couple spread across different social media platforms. Most of the people who saw this photo were moved and tried to compare the incident with The Notebook, a popular book and film.

Although the experiences captured in the two stories are similar, there is a big difference between the two. While the book depicts work of fiction, Ledbetter’s is a real story. One of the lovely couple’s daughters revealed that her parents met through a mutual friend many years back and married only three weeks later.

Despite their short courtship, they have been together until they passed away holding each other’s hands. Tom and Delma Ledbetter had lived together for 62 years. In April 2017, Delma fell ill and was taken to a nursing home. Tom fell ill too just a few days later.

Tom’s children took him to the same nursing home where their mother was admitted and requested to have their little hospital beds pushed together. Delma was facing him, asleep, and Tom extended his hand and held hers.

Unfortunately, the couple died shortly after on 21st April, just an hour apart. They were in each other’s arms the way they would have possibly wanted to go. They displayed their love for each other till the last minute. The couple was buried side by side at Restwood Memorial Park, Texas.



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