Police officers found an abandoned pony that was to a tree, they took a closer look and understood why he couldn’t free himself

One day, an animal rights organization’s sanctuary in Spain got a phone call. It was the local police, officers had a noble mission: a witness noticed a lonely and miserable pony who was tied to a tree.

After that the police asked for the organization’s help to rescue the animal who had probably been abandoned by his uncaring owner.

Easy Horse Care Rescue Center reported that he was tied to a big tree and didn’t have an access to food and water, he hid his head in a bush trying to get rid of the flies that bit him bringing a lot of suffering.

EHCRC added that probably an owner just tied him to a tree and left him die. The animal was starving and dehydrating, standing out in the hot sun. A poor pony deserves the best in this world that people can give him and even more.

The specialists of this organization told how painful it is to realize how much he suffered. Now they will give the pony as much love and care as possible.

After several days at the shelter, the animal is feeling much better. His savers also found out that this creature was almost blind because people mistreated him terribly. He limps and can’t walk normally because of two broken backbones (specialists suspect the animal was beaten since he got such traumas).

Despite all that, recently the pony has come out of his shell and even has greeted the people who gave him a new life. The rescuers haven’t decided yet how to call the pony, but we are sure they will give him the best name.

EHCRC said that now he is chewing grass and food with pleasure in our stables, probably believing he ended up in a kind fairytale.

This saving makes our heart melt and gives us hope about our world and mankind!



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