Bride Walks Out of Wedding in Tears Due to Mom’s Humiliating Speech

A woman eagerly awaited the moment she would stroll down the aisle and commit to spending her entire earthly existence with her cherished partner. To her utter shock, her dream day turned into a heartbreaking affair when her mother’s speech reopened old wounds and inflicted new emotional pain.

On September 12, 2023, an anonymous female Reddit user shared her troubling wedding experience in the “True Off My Chest” forum. She had recently tied the knot, but her special day became catastrophic.The woman, aged 26 at the time, recounted that it was customary to create heartwarming videos in her country just before the parents’ speeches at weddings. Typically, these clips showcased pictures of the couple, snapshots from their earlier years, and moments with family and friends.

However, the bride carried deep-seated insecurities about her appearance, which stemmed from her teenage years when she had battled obesity and endured relentless bullying. Despite becoming a slimmer adult, she struggled with body image issues, relying on her husband’s constant reassurance of her beauty.

The last straw for the woman was when her mother started speaking.

The woman’s discomfort with the tradition began around the age of 22 when she attended a friend’s wedding featuring a video containing amusing yet somewhat embarrassing pictures of the bride and groom. She had expressed her reluctance to have similar humiliating images displayed at her own wedding to her family. Regrettably, her father dismissed her concerns, arguing that everyone should enjoy themselves at a wedding, not just the bride.

What Happened at the Woman’s Wedding?
Fast forward to a month before her wedding, the woman reminded her entire family not to include any embarrassing photos from her past in the video. Her parents assured her they wouldn’t, but they downplayed her worries, claiming nobody would remember those old photographs. Despite their dismissive stance, she remained steadfast in her request.

However, on her wedding day, a week before she posted her story online, her family broke their promise. The video included the embarrassing pictures she had feared. While images of her husband in his youth appeared endearing and innocent, hers were degrading and mortifying in every possible way.Laughter erupted from the guests, reviving painful memories of the bride’s teenage torment. Overwhelmed, she burst into tears. Initially, her husband assumed those were tears of joy and didn’t intervene until her crying escalated.The last straw for the woman was when her mother started speaking. “Well, we’re all so happy to be here. We never thought Ms. Piggy would get married, we all thought she would end up alone living in a cheap rented house with all her 4 smelly cats!” exclaimed her mom during the humiliating speech.

“As soon as I heard that I got up and walked out from my wedding,” expressed the woman, unable to bear it any longer. Her husband followed her outside and provided solace as she sobbed and vented her pain. After some time, her family and a few friends emerged from the venue, searching for her. They were furious, blaming her for creating a scene by leaving the celebration.

The original poster’s husband vehemently defended her, even resorting to threats of physical confrontation to protect her from further harm. Eventually, they left the event and returned home. The woman was left profoundly traumatized by the ordeal.The following day, the bride and her husband were scheduled to embark on their honeymoon, leaving her uncertain about how to address the situation with her family, who had yet to extend an apology. She sought advice on Reddit, feeling lost and overwhelmed by the turmoil of her wedding day.

What are your thoughts on this story? Do you think OP did the right thing by walking out of her wedding? What would you do if you were in her place? Do you support her husband’s decision?



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