Serena Williams’ former coach compares Megan Rapinoe to Billie Jean King and Muhammad Ali following USA’s defeat at the women’s FIFA World Cup

The Fifa World Cup saw USA’s defeat, and that hasn’t been the best news for the team’s fans. However, soon the defeat was not the main topic as USA superstar Megan Rapinoe once again steals the headlines. Serena Williams‘ former coach, Rennae Stubbs, weighed in on the entire topic as she defended the soccer pro for standing strong on her off-court choices.

A fan on Twitter (Now rebranded as ‘X’) heaped praise for Rapinoe, as she called her one of the best to ever play. She also mentioned that the Rapinoe impact would be more on narrow-minded people who have all life rooted against her. To this, another user of the platform said that Rapinoe was good on the field but used her superstar status to put her views out and force others to accept them.Rapinoe, who herself is a lesbian, fought for the LGBTQ community quite aggressively, which probably didn’t go down with the fan. However, in all of this, Rennae Stubbs took Rapinoe’s side and said that she, like many other legends of different sports, stood up for her rights and there is nothing wrong in that.“Embarrassing take. Just embarrassing,” she wrote.

Stubbs further continued, “Would you say that to Muhammad Ali, Billie Jean King, Arthur Ashe and so many others that stood for what they believed in!?” Stubbs clearly didn’t believe in what the fan said and bluntly called it an embarrassing take. She felt that Rapinoe was just fighting for what she believed in which is not wrong. She also took examples of Billie Jean King who fought for women’s rights and Muhammad Ali, who fought against racial discrimination. So for Stubbs, it was absolutely fine that Rapinoe was one of the torchbearers of her community.



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