Comedian Tom Green Weighs in on Oliver Anthony’s Success

Since becoming an overnight sensation last month, country singer Oliver Anthony has racked up a host of famous fans including podcaster Joe Rogan, controversial clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson and actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Now the former factory worker can add another well-known name to that list—comedian Tom Green.

Anthony went viral after radiowv shared his song, “Rich Men North of Richmond” to their YouTube channel on August 8. The song, which rallies against welfare cheats, the rich, human traffickers and the obese, has received a little over 65 million views so far.

On Thursday, Anthony shared a selfie to Instagram. The musician, from Farmville, Virginia, appeared to be on the road, traveling with his guitarist Joey Davis. The post received a number of comments praising the viral star and his music, but one reply stood out.”You rock Oliver big fan here,” Green, 52, wrote. “I love your music.”Although Anthony has yet to reply to the message, fans were pleased to see Green in the comments.

“Me and my wife became obsessed with [Big Brother] and are currently watching your season, Kato just got booted and YOU won HOH right after,” added user sclaws_. “We’re rooting for you buddy even though it’s 5 years after it aired!”Although many public figures have complimented Anthony’s music, the majority have been prominently conservatives.

Rogan, 56, reposted Anthony’s music to his followers on X, formerly known as Twitter, while Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Georgia Republican, called the track the “anthem of the forgotten Americans.” Television host and ex-governor of Arizona candidate Kari Lake is also a fan, who said she can’t listen to it “without getting chills,” as is podcaster Matt Walsh.



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