Stephen A. Smith suggested the Dallas Cowboys should call on Colin Kaepernick to replace the injured Dak Prescott

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith suggested the Dallas Cowboys should look to Colin Kaepernick to replace the injured Dak Prescott, who fractured his thumb on Sunday night.

“It will never happen, in my opinion, [but Dallas] might want to make that call to Colin Kaepernick,” said Smith, speaking Monday on ESPN’s First Take.

Kaepernick has not played in the NFL since opting out of his contract with the San Francisco 49ers to become a free agent in 2017.

“He ain’t been around, but he’s a playmaker with his legs who’s available,” added Smith. “You got to take that into consideration.”Prescott, who threw for 37 touchdowns for the Cowboys last season, is expected to miss six to eight weeks with his injury.

Despite Smith believing Kaepernick would be a good replacement for Prescott, however, he doesn’t think the move will happen because it’s the Cowboys.

Kaepernick is a well renowned civil rights activist, who famously kneeled during the American national anthem before NFL games in 2016 in protest of police brutality and racial inequality in the United States.

“This is in Texas, in the state of Texas,” said Smith. “Patriotic individuals that they pride themselves on being since the whole Kaepernick situation was hijacked. That narrative was hijacked to them.

“Jerry Jones is not going to let that get in the way of business, but I would think about it. I would say that.”

Smith’s First Take co-host Michael Irvin dismissed the notion that the Cowboys moving for Kaepernick is a good idea.

“Let’s stop with this Colin Kaepernick stuff. Let’s just stop,” he said. “Colin Kaepernick’s been out of football for what, five years now?

“Come on, man. Let’s stop all of a sudden thinking we can go resurrect Colin Kaepernick and he’s going to come and resurrect a football team.”The Cowboys were beaten 3-19 by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday.



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