Megyn Kelly claims Megan Rapinoe has ‘POISONED’ the USWNT as she blasts the ‘morons’ for continuing to ’embarrass us on the national stage’ after the team mostly didn’t sing the anthem

Megyn Kelly claimed Tuesday that Megan Rapinoe has ‘poisoned’ the US women’s national team, with the host saying she will root for the team of ‘morons’ to lose in the Round of 16.

The USA narrowly advanced to the next round with a 0-0 draw against Portugal, and the majority of the starters once again did not sing the national anthem before the match.

And while Rapinoe was not even included in the first 11, Kelly believes that the 38-year-old is responsible for the culture of the group.

‘Megan Rapinoe, she’s the leader of all this… She’s not a starter. So that’s why she’s not on camera when they’re doing the national anthem, but she’s behind a lot of this,’ Kelly said while hosting the Megyn Kelly Show.

‘She’s poisoned the entire team against the country for which they play. I don’t know about you, but I’m not rooting for them. I’m not with them. I hope they lose…It’s shameful. These girls are shameful. They ought to be ashamed of themselves.’Though Rapinoe – who entered the Portugal draw in the 61st minute – did not start the match, she’s been on the forefront of social activism when it comes to the USA women’s national team.

She has been a loud voice for LGBTQ+ rights, and also joined then-49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick in kneeling during the national anthem in 2016. Kaepernick was protesting against police brutality.The USWNT almost got sent home by Portugal in the group stages after they had a chance to score in the last minute. But it ended up hitting the crossbar. The score ended 0-0 and the USA qualified for the knockout stages. They were set to face Sweden in the last 16.

They played the game much better than their other showings but couldn’t score a goal. The game went to penalty shootouts, which they ended up losing. This knocked them out of the tournament, finally bringing in a new champion. Megan Rapinoe’s underwhelming performance is getting huge flack, as she was one of the players who missed the penalty during the shootout. This might also have been her last World Cup, as she has already announced her plans for retirement.



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