Is Elon Musk Suing This Disney Star For Lying About Him?

A viral article going around Twitter is saying billionaire Telsa CEO and Twitter CEO, Elon Musk is suing actress and talk show host Whoopi Goldberg for 60 million dollars for making up lies about him on her show, The View. It has garnered a lot of talk and got to the point that “Whoopi” was strending on Twitter. Many people were happy that someone (Musk) spoke out the liberal show The View and the lies they were spreading.

The thing is though, dare we say, this is FAKE NEWS! Elon Musk is not suing Whoopi Goldberg or The View. There have not been lies spread about him on the show either. The article is SATIRE! It is all a joke and many many have come to believe it. Who is spreading lies now, huh?

Musk continues to dominate the world as the founder and CEO of not only Tesla and Twitter but founder of SpaceX, President of the Musk Foundation, founder of The Boring Company, and co-founder of OpenAI. He has ten children. Whoopi Goldberg is a prestigious EGOT winner (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony Award winner). Besides her acting, singing, and being a television personality, Goldberg is also an author and comedian. She is infamous for saying, “I don’t want someone in my house!” when asked about her views on marriage.

Goldberg today has gone viral for her thoughts on gun reform after the massacre in Nashville. Many commented on her sweatshirt and of course, the comments erupted from both sides of the political parties.

Even if these two are not in a legal battle, they will always be making headlines!



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