Males don’t belong in women’s sports.

Up until just a few years ago, that was an entirely uncontroversial sentiment with near universal support. Transgender activism though, has spent much of the past few years attempting to convince people otherwise.

And based on the results of a new poll, they’ve been extremely unsuccessful.

A new Gallup poll was recently released, showing that roughly 70% of Americans believe that women’s sports should be played by women. Despite efforts by the media, entertainment, activists and politicians, that percentage has actually increased over time.

Gallup conducted the same survey in 2021, which found that 62% of Americans said people should compete in sports according to their biological sex. The 2023 survey found that just 26% of respondents said that transgender athletes should be able to compete under their current gender identity.

That’s a stunning blow to athletes like Megan Rapinoe who have forcefully advocated to allow males to dominate women’s sports. After she retires, of course.Public Opinions On Women’s Sports Line Up With Legislation
Riley Gaines told Fox News Digital that while many in the media annd political landscape claim that the transgender athlete issue is very polarizing and divisive, in reality, it’s not.”

“While this should never have become a political issue, there are very few issues that the majority of the general public can agree on, but this is one of them,” Gaines said. “The pendulum has swung too far, and people are beginning to see what’s at stake if it continues.”

And these poll results are a clear indicator of just how overwhelmingly Americans are rejecting the kind of radical gender ideology being espoused by progressives.

No matter how hard they try, activists and their allies in the media are facing a substantial uphill battle in their fight to win over the public. That battle is, of course, biological reality.

Universities and the education system have worked overtime to convince Americans that biology is a social construct that can be overridden or discarded at will. Thankfully, the vast majority of people have seen through their attempts to launder ideology through science.

Gaines is right, the pendulum has swung too far. Progressives and other interest groups often try to deny reality to advance their goals. Finally, huge numbers of Americans are saying enough is enough.



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