SAG strike: Avatar and Gladiator sequels look set to be hit as actors walk out

Major films in production including the Avatar and Gladiator sequels are looking likely to be affected by Hollywood actors taking strike action.

Promotional events such as red-carpet premieres will also be affected, such as Disney film Haunted Mansion, released later this month.

Events including the Emmys and Comic-Con may be rescheduled or scaled back.

In the industry’s biggest shutdown for over 60 years, some 160,000 performers stopped work at midnight in LA.

Picketing will begin on Friday morning outside the California headquarters of Netflix, before moving on to Paramount, Warner Bros and Disney.

The announcement of the strike followed similar strike action from the Writers Guild of America (WGA), and brought most US film and TV productions to a halt.The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) wants streaming giants to agree to a fairer split of profits and better working conditions.

It also wants to protect actors from being usurped by digital replicas.

The union is seeking guarantees that artificial intelligence (AI) and computer-generated faces and voices will not be used to replace actors.While the strike takes place, actors cannot appear in films or even promote movies that they have already made.

Other productions which may be affected include Deadpool 3, starring Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, along with Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice sequel and a film adaptation of the musical Wicked.

It is also possible that HBO’s House of the Dragon TV series may be hit by the strike, along with the second series of Netflix’s The Sandman and Family Guy and The Simpsons on Fox.



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