Breaking; Skip Bayless Reveals the Real Reason for Jets Passing up Colin Kaepernick as Aaron Rodgers’ Successor

Colin Kaepernick’s name resurfaces in NFL circles. After Aaron Rodgers‘ season-ending Achilles injury, the New York Jets found themselves at a crossroads. A phone call reportedly came from Kaepernick’s camp, seeking an opportunity to fill the void left by Rodgers. However, the Jets boldly asserted their unwavering faith in rookie Zach Wilson.

Yet, as Undisputed’s seasoned host, Skip Bayless, reveals, there’s a hidden narrative at play. In a recent episode of the popular sports show, the cast delved into the possibility of Kaepernick donning the Jets’ jersey. Most notably, Bayless dissected why the Jets ultimately passed on him, an angle largely overlooked.

During the ‘Undisputed’ broadcast, Bayless engaged in a spirited discussion with Keyshawn Johnson, unraveling the Jets’ decision-making process. Bayless began by harking back to Kaepernick’s extraordinary showdown with Rodgers. “Against Green Bay at home,” he exclaimed, “he went crazy. Remember, he ran for 181 yards in that game and threw for 263. Then he goes and beats Aaron [Rodgers] at Aaron in the sub-freezing frozen tundra temperatures, and outplayed Aaron in that game (in the 2012 playoffs).” Including four touchdowns scored.



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