Whoopi Goldberg faces OUTRAGE from fans after ‘randomly’ asking stunned co-star Alyssa Farah Griffin if she is PREGNANT live on-air – telling her she ‘had a glow’

Whoopi, 67, sent shockwaves across the ABC studio after asking the question
Alyssa, 34, was visibly aghast and insisted that she is NOT pregnant
The host did reveal that she is ‘open to being pregnant soon’ The View’s Whoopi Goldberg left her co-stars with their jaws on the floor on Thursday after she asked fellow panelist Alyssa Farah Griffin point blank if she was pregnant – prompting a swift denial.

The 67-year-old host derailed the ABC program when she popped the daring question, which came unprompted, right in the middle of a discussion about Mitt Romney’s resignation.

A stunned Alyssa, 34, let out an audible gasp and looked visibly shocked before quickly shutting down the speculation.’No! Oh my God!’ she insisted. ‘You can’t say that in front of my mother-in-law. Why? Do I look pregnant?’

‘Yes,’ Whoopi responded. ‘I just got a vibe.’

‘Please don’t say it’s my tummy!’ Alyssa laughed, prompting an apology from her colleague. ‘I’m so sorry’.

Sunny Hostin, 54, then asked the group whether they could take bets, which gave way to Alyssa admitting that she and her husband Justin Griffin are vying to start a family together.

‘I’m very open to being pregnant soon,’ she shared. ‘I’m not blessed to be pregnant yet.’

‘Forgive me,’ Whoopi returned. ‘I see a glow.’

‘I’ll take a test when I get home just to be sure,’ Alyssa promised, before swiftly moving the conversation back to politics.

Viewers were equally stunned by Whoopi’s outburst, with one branding the question ‘uncouth’.

Writing on X, formerly known as Twitter, another said: ‘Why the hell did Whoopi randomly ask Alyssa if she’s pregnant???”Not Whoopi asking Alyssa if she was pregnant. I was GAGGED,’ a third added.

A fourth begged: ‘Can we normalize not asking people if they are pregnant? There are a variety of reasons someone might not want anyone to know if they are or are not pregnant.

‘If people want you to know if they are or are not pregnant they will tell you.’

Alyssa married her husband Justin in November 2021, one year after he proposed.

Members of her family, including her father and stepmother, boycotted her wedding because of her differences with Donald Trump.

While Alyssa does not have any children, she revealed on the show last month that she does want to be a mom – despite previously being unsure.

‘For me, marriage…I always knew I wanted a husband,’ she told viewers. ‘I never was necessarily sure I wanted kids. I always wanted companionship.’

Clarifying her comments, she continued: ‘I was a child of divorce [which] gave me some mixed feelings about having kids, but it was when I met my husband, I was like, “Oh I also want kids”.

‘It’s different for everyone, but I don’t like the external pressure. Because honestly, career matters, life…you know, moments and all those experiences you have should also matter.’

Whoopi’s intrusive question comes a day after Sunny shocked her fellow panelists by revealing she once pulled out of being a bridesmaid for her friend because the the dress was ‘ugly’.



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