Bud Light went woke, got broke and may well permanently croak

Has Bud Light recovered from its Dylan Mulvaney disaster? Survey says: no, no and no!

In the ongoing aftermath of the disastrous call to align with trans extremist Mulvaney, the beer’s distributors no longer expect the brew to recover from its massive sales slump, down around 30% compared to last year.

Wow, what did Bud Light do to make everybody mad?

Well, parent Anheuser-Busch hired an Ivy-educated wokist who wanted to move the beer away from its “fratty” and “out of touch” image.

In so doing, the brand enraged America by pointlessly injecting toxic politics into an easy-drinking lager perfect for grilling and chilling.

And now Bud Light, once supreme among American beers, is dying a slow death with (per those in the know) zero prospect of recovery and ceding the field to its close competitors Modelo Especial, Miller Lite and Coors Light.

In fact, Bud Light’s priced cheaper than bottled water at some locations.

Hmmmm. It’s almost as if most Americans really, really don’t like having edgelord lefty politics shoved in their faces every time they try to buy something.

And they’re increasingly unafraid of making their voices heard, with big-time effects.

Not only is Bud Light dethroned, the disaster has pummeled Anheuser’s stock price as it’s unfolded.

It doesn’t help that Mulvaney is as extreme as it gets on trans issues, or that she’s been throwing herself a public pity party ever since the debacle started.

This isn’t hard: Sell goods to the American people without ramming ideology down their throats, and you’ll do just fine (like Coors et al.).

Go woke, go broke.



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