Whoopi Goldberg made a return to “The View” after recovering from her third bout ..

Whoopi Goldberg made a return to “The View” after recovering from her third bout of COVID, and she was seen wearing a distinctive necklace that caught viewers’ attention. The 67-year-old ABC daytime talk show host received a warm welcome from fans and appeared with a silver necklace featuring a matching folding chair pendant. This pendant was a reference to a recent brawl that took place on the Montgomery riverfront in Alabama.

The brawl occurred on August 5 and reportedly started when a group of white boaters attacked Black dock worker Dameion Pickett, who was trying to get them to move from their designated area so that he could dock the Harriott II, a tourist vessel in the city. The folding chair pendant was worn by Whoopi as a tribute to Reggie Ray, the boat captain who used a white folding chair to defend his crew during the brawl.

Whoopi clarified that she doesn’t condone violence but wanted to explain the significance of the pendant. She recounted the incident, emphasizing that it was a unique and unusual event. She also highlighted the swift response from a group of predominantly Black individuals who came to Pickett’s defense during the brawl.

While discussing the incident on the show, Whoopi played a clip of the brawl and commented on the memes that had circulated about it. Her co-host, Sunny Hostin, added that while people were upset about the use of the folding chair, it was less lethal than if weapons had been involved. She humorously noted, “Personally, I’d rather have a folding chair than a gun,” highlighting that no fatalities occurred during the brawl.

In conclusion, Whoopi emphasized the importance of not resorting to violence and letting people do their jobs. She pointed out that the situation didn’t escalate further because firearms were not involved and urged against such incidents happening again in the future.



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