Breaking News: Conservative Beer Company Unveils Limited Edition Trump ‘Revenge’ Mugshot Can

A conservative beer company has introduced a special limited-edition beer can featuring the mugshot of former President Donald Trump. The brand, known for its staunchly right-leaning stance, is selling these uniquely designed cans as a part of their “Conservative Dad’s Revenge” collection.

The cans display Trump’s mugshot in a monochrome style set against a black background, accompanied by the bold declaration, “100% American beer.” These collector’s items are being sold at a price of $25 for a six-pack, plus shipping, which is slightly higher than the regular offerings from “Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right Beer.” Notably, the company pledges to donate 10% of the sales from these limited-edition cans to support the GOP defense fund in Georgia.

Although the brand maintains that it does not have an official endorsement from Donald Trump, its website mirrors the former president’s narrative that he is facing undue scrutiny from politically motivated entities seeking to hinder his potential 2024 White House run. The cans are presented online with a caption asserting that each sale contributes to the defense of conservatives against perceived unconstitutional prosecution by the Fulton County District Attorney, whom they characterize as communist.

Seth Weathers, the CEO behind this initiative, stated, “It’s time for conservatives to stand up and refuse to back down. We’re doing our part to fight the communists running the Fulton District Attorney’s office by raising money for our Georgia friends who have been unjustly indicted.”

Weathers, who played a role in managing Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign in Georgia, launched the Ultra Right beer company to cater to those seeking a beer free from progressive messaging. Since its inception, the company claims to have gained over 12,000 customers and sold 20,000 six-packs.

This venture was prompted by Bud Light’s collaboration with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, leading to accusations that Anheuser-Busch, the parent company, was entangling itself in a highly contentious culture war issue currently gripping the nation.



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