“Maggie Rogers Responds to Jane Fonda’s Enthusiasm: ‘Ready to Sip Martinis and Discuss Environmental Policy?’”

Would you believe it if we told you that Jane Fonda is a fan of Maggie Rogers?

The 85-year-old actress and activist attended Maggie Rogers’ debut at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles over the weekend and couldn’t help but express her admiration for Rogers on social media afterward.

Fonda posted a video of Rogers performing her hit song “Alaska” and wrote, “Saw Maggie Rogers at her first Hollywood Bowl concert. She’s incredible! Everybody seemed to know the words to all her songs, and she’s the most captivating performer I’ve ever seen.”

Fonda continued to praise Rogers, saying, “She’s destined for stardom. She’s not only talented but also beautiful and exudes joy.”

In response to Fonda’s kind words, Rogers fangirled right back in the comments, saying, “Good lord, Jane, I love you so much. Want to have martinis and discuss environmental policy? You’re my hero.”

Rogers even shared Fonda’s video on her own Instagram story, adding, “I’m going to pass out.” The Grammy-nominated alternative pop star is currently on tour, with her performances running through October, culminating in Austin, Texas.

Similar to Fonda, Rogers is known for being outspoken about various issues, including reproductive rights and sustainability. She recently acknowledged her tour partners, including Planned Parenthood, Musically Fed, HeadCount, r.Cup, and others, who work on a range of challenges, from sexual healthcare to homelessness, food insecurity, voter registration, and waste reduction.

Rogers also encouraged her audience to register to vote and engage in reproductive health activism at every show’s lobby.

Meanwhile, Fonda, who is well-known for her environmental activism, emphasized her commitment to protecting the planet, stating, “I love this planet and want to do everything I can to protect it. I get really depressed because I read the science, and I know what’s happening, and it’s urgent and could become catastrophic. It’s just inconceivable to me not to do everything I can.”



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