Michael Bublé thanks Jesus Christ after his son’s cancer remisssion

In 2016, the Bublé family was rocked when their young son Noah was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma, a form of liver cancer. Noah was only 3 years old when the family received the shocking news.

Bublé and his wife, Argentinean actress Luisana Lopilato, immediately put their lives and careers on hold.

“Everyone understood in my world what my priority was,” Bublé told People. “We all go through things. You just hope you learn something about yourself and you learn something about the people with you.”

Bublé took a break from recording and touring because he was ‘so unstable and vulnerable’ during this difficult period. His wife also paused her career.

Thankfully, in February 2018, after having undergone chemotherapy, Noah was reportedly “on the mend.” Last year, at the age of 5, he went into remission following surgery and chemotherapy.

‘I’ve been through a lot, obviously. When I made the last record [in 2018], my son had just been in remission and I wasn’t ready to come back,’ he explained.Michael Bublé says his son’s cancer diagnosis has forever changed him.

“You don’t go through big things in your life, dramatic things like I’ve gone through or my wife has gone through without it having an effect on you.”

The Canadian star has been very protective of his son’s privacy and refuses to reveal any details of Noah’s treatment. But in 2018, he appeared on “The Late Late Show with James Cordon” and talked about his son’s cancer.

With tears in his eyes, Bublé shared that Noah’s story “is too hard to talk about” and thanked Jesus Christ for his 5-year-old son’s remission.

“We all moved and we lived at [Children’s Hospital Los Angeles] and we just had the best doctors and, God, thank you, Jesus Christ.”

Bublé continued: “I’m not OK. My wife and I, when this all started, I became the strength to somehow pull us and lift us and to be positive. And when they got [the cancer] out, and the chemo was done, and they said, ‘We did it, it’s good, he’s OK,’ I fell. I just fell.”

“My wife picks me up now,” he added.

The father tearfully went on and spoke about Noah’s love for superheroes like Superman and Spiderman.

“They’re fake,” he said. “They’re not real. You’re a superhero. You’re MY hero. A real superhero,” Bublé said to his son.

Michael and Luisana got married back in 2011. They have four children, two sons, born in 2013 and 2016, and two daughters, born in 2018 and 2022.The Candian singer, who loves being a dad, says that ”family is everything.”

And he has one piece of advice for all parents with young children.

”Soak up every single minute. Look at the world through their eyes, because they have this sense of wonderment,” Bublé told TODAY. ”If you miss it, you’ll be searching for [that] feeling for the rest of your life.”

As for today, Bublé is also focusing on his career. Earlier this year, he released ”Higher,” his eleventh studio album. The four-time Grammy winner will also be touring in Great Britain in 2023.

”I can’t wait to be back in arenas across the UK – it’s going to be true arena spectacle! I’m so excited for people to experience it!,” he says.



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