YIKES! The View audience boos Alyssa Farah Griffin in shocking live moment as Joy Behar warns fans are ‘turning’ on co-star

ALYSSA Farah Griffin has been booed in a shocking moment on a recent episode of The View.

On Thursday’s episode of the daytime TV show, the hosts got into a heated argument while discussing politics.Whoopi Goldberg, 67, was absent while Alyssa, 34, Joy Behar, 80, Ana Navarro, 51, Sunny Hostin, 51, and Sara Haines, 45, continued on with the program.

During the beginning of the broadcast, Joy brought up a recent poll that revealed President Joe Biden, 80, has an overall approval rating of 39 percent.

Later in the conversation, The View co-hosts discussed the difficulties of owning a home due to the economy.

Alyssa brought up another statistic that 67 percent of the poll voters want a different Democratic candidate other than Biden.She then spoke about the Republican party and where the candidates lay in terms of voter points.

Alyssa admitted: “I think it signals that people want a new generation of leadership. They want somebody that feels like turning a page and trying something different.”

Joy stepped in: “Do you think the Republican Party can deliver that? No.”

Alyssa replied: “I think they could. I think someone other than Trump could. I think that Nikki Haley or Mike Pence could be a strong President tomorrow.”The audience then booed Alyssa for her comment – to which she laughed it off.

Joy could be heard over the boos saying “Turning, turning” as if the fans are going against Alyssa.

Fans took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share their thoughts and opinions on Alyssa’s statement.

“Shout to the audience for booing Alyssa for saying Nimarata Nikki Haley and Mike Pence can be ‘strong’ leaders if they were elected as President,” one fan said.

Another replied to the above tweet: “She says it’s a ‘Manhattan audience’ but I bet you most of those people are visiting from other cities around the country. They need to face it…Republicans have..and are ..losing generations of American voters.”

A third questioned Alyssa’s statistics she shared about Republican voter points: “Where is she getting these numbers from?? Who did they ask?”

Later on in the episode, Alyssa and Sunny discussed former South Carolina Governor Nikki and her involvement in the parents’ rights movement.

Sunny said that Haley is a champion of parents’ rights which she claimed gives the “right to certain parents to teach their kids what they want their kids taught” but eliminates what she wants her kids to learn.

The TV personality also added: “And I want my kids to learn about their history.

“And I think all kids should learn about the history of this country regardless of whether or not it makes you feel uncomfortable because past will become prologue if you don’t know your history.”

Sunny went on to reveal that Haley met with Moms for Liberty which has been “found by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an extremist organization.”

Alyssa then cut in by explaining that the Moms for Liberty organization has “gone in a bit dangerous direction.”

The former White House Director of Strategic Communications then said that parental choice in education and freedom of education is one of the biggest issues America faces.

Alyssa said: “Our kids lost a year of education during Covid we have done nothing to get them up to speed. [Haley] is promoting education freedom, choice in school, finding what’s best for your student. I think that that’s hugely important.”

Sunny countered: “Do you know why that’s a problem? Because you take money away from the public schools—”

“Didn’t you go to private school?” Alyssa questioned.

Sunny replied back “I went to private school. I had the privilege of going to private school—”

Alyssa cut Sunny off: “But then why shouldn’t all students have that access?”

Sunny began to argue her point but Joy interrupted: “We’re going to have to go. We have to go. We can continue when we come back.”

As Joy was speaking to the TV viewers, Alyssa appeared visibly annoyed.



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