BREAKING; Whoopi Goldberg Braves the Wild Frontier in First ‘Outlaw Posse’ Image

Whoopi Goldberg stars as fearless mail carrier Stagecoach Mary in the upcoming Western Outlaw Posse, set in the still-untamed Wild West of 1908.
The film, written, directed, and starring Mario Van Peebles, follows cowboy Chief (Van Peebles) as he assembles a posse of misfits to reclaim stolen gold, facing a vengeful lawman along the way.
Outlaw Posse features an all-star cast including Edward James Olmos, Cedric the Entertainer, William Mapother, and John Carroll Lynch. The film is currently being shopped to distributors for release.Whoopi Goldberg trades the comfortable confines of The View for the dusty trails of the Wild West in the first image from Outlaw Posse. Mario Van Peebles wrote, directed, and stars in the upcoming Western from the Highland Film Group. Variety has the first look at the film, which is currently being shopped to distributors.

Set in the still-untamed Wild West of 1908, Outlaw Posse focuses on cowboy Chief (Van Peebles), who assembles a posse of misfits and outcasts to reclaim a hoard of stolen gold. Along the way, they run afoul of vengeful lawman Angel (William Mapother, In the Bedroom) and ally themselves with fearless mail carrier Stagecoach Mary (Goldberg). The film will also star Edward James Olmos (Battlestar Galactica), Cedric the Entertainer (The Neighborhood), John Carroll Lynch (Zodiac), D.C. Young Fly (House Party), Jake Manley (The Order), Mandela Van Peebles (Reginald the Vampire), Amber Reign Smith (Wu-Tang: An American Saga), William McDonough, and Neal McDonough (Justified).

Who Was Stagecoach Mary?
Born into slavery in Tennessee, Mary Fields was emancipated following the Civil War and worked as a chambermaid, a tavern owner, and as a labor forewoman at a convent, where she performed many tasks that were considered “men’s work” at the time. She wrote her name in the history of the Old West at the age of 60 when she became a mail carrier, delivering mail via stagecoach across the treacherous badlands of Montana. Known for her fearlessness and unwavering commitment to her duty, she was nicknamed “Stagecoach Mary”, and fought off bandits and wolves with the Smith & Wesson pistol she kept concealed beneath her apron. One of the most fascinating figures of the Wild West, she has been portrayed numerous times on film and TV, including The Cherokee Kid, Hannah’s Law, and Hell on Wheels; she most recently depicted in the 2021 film The Harder They Fall, where she was played by Zazie Beetz.

OUTLAW-POSSEImage via Highland Film Group
Outlaw Posse is currently being shopped to distributors. Stay tuned to Collider for future updates, and watch Collider’s interview with Whoopi Goldberg below, where she talks about her now-realized-dream of starring in a Western.



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