BAD VIEW Joy Behar demands ‘who are you talking to?’ as Whoopi Goldberg goes off on heated rant on The View

JOY Behar has asked Whoopi Goldberg who she was talking about after the moderator’s rant about wokeness.

Whoopi, 67, had been discussing her thoughts on those who use the word “woke” in a pejorative manner.She stated: “This idea of woke, I’m gonna say it again, most of y’all were asleep.”

Joy Behar interrupted before Whoopi could continue.

She asked: “Who do you think you’re speaking to?”

Whoopi replied: “I’m talking to all those folks who use that word ‘woke’ all the time.”

Joy nodded to signify she understood.

Whoopi kept going: “We were never asleep. Y’all were asleep! We had to stay awake, watching you. ”

Gesturing wildly, she continued: “So you woke up, and you thought, ‘Oh my God, there’s a lot of women running amok and doing things they’re not supposed to be doing! And drag queens everywhere! And oh my God, people of color!’

“You always talk about the snowflakes? Look in the mirror! Y’all can’t seem to handle anything.”Whoopi elaborated further on how many people’s idea of discussion is to “get rid of everything.”

She demanded at the end of her tirade: “Stop calling us snowflakes!”

Meanwhile, Joy blasted her co-hosts for discussing NSFW personal details with one of the show’s producers.

The 80-year-old has demanded that her fellow panelists “get a grip” as they reveal all of the intimate things they discuss with EP Brian Teta.

During Tuesday’s episode of The View, the hosts led a View & A segment that featured a question from a fan about how to handle a husband’s oversharing co-worker.

The viewer explained that her husband’s colleague will give him “updates on her hysterectomy,” as well as details about her sick leave and a “play-by-play of her uterus.”

The hosts opened up about their own marriages and times this has happened with their husbands, or what they would do if it ever did.

Eventually, they realized that they all deal with that situation a little bit on their end, as well.

Sunny Hostin said: “It is hard, I think, with work husbands. I mean, Brian is all of our work husbands.

“He gets a lot of texts from me. I admit it.”

The camera then panned over to Brian, who pulled down his mask to tease: “I’ve heard more about your uteruses than I ever wanted to know.”

Sara Haines admitted, “That’s true,” as Sunny added, “He has, he has.”

Trying to reason, Sunny continued: “But that’s different. He’s the executive producer. So, if we’re gonna be out, or if I’ve had a rosé or two and I’m upset, I may text Brian”

“I also call Brian,” Sara told everyone.

Hearing enough, Joy insisted: “But he’s a producer, he’s not a gynecologist!”

“Women, you need to get a grip,” the comedian then demanded of her co-hosts.

Joy took over the moderator duties for the episode as Whoopi Goldberg was absent.

The 80-year-old comedian revealed that the actress was out at jury duty.

At the start of Tuesday’s broadcast, Joy shared: “Whoopi is out on jury duty today. Yes.”

Sunny Hostin then added: “I keep on wondering, are they gonna pick Whoopi for jury?”

“Could you imagine showing up and then seeing Whoopi,” Sara Haines wondered.

Joy said she doesn’t believe the moderator will get chosen, as she doesn’t think “people who are famous get chosen.”

She especially doesn’t think they would choose Whoopi, since everyone knows she has “a particular point of view.”

One surprised viewer tweeted about the moderator’s absence: “Whoopi…jury duty?!”

Another wrote: “So Whoopi’s on jury duty! Wondered! For real??”“Whoopi Goldberg is out on jury duty, but at least she doesn’t have to go to work today,” commented a third fan.

While Whoopi was on The View on Monday, she was absent all of last week due to a “bad virus.”



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