Whoopi Goldberg Tells ‘The View’ it Would Take “$17 Million” For Her to Join Netflix’s ‘Deep Fake Love’: “Watch Me Go to Work”

Whoopi Goldberg just revealed her going rate to join a Netflix reality dating series. While speaking about the streamer’s latest show Deep Fake Love on this morning’s episode of The View, the longtime moderator was visibly (and audibly) unimpressed with the $110,000 reward given to winning contestants.

Goldberg kicked off the conversation by describing the show, which features “people in serious relationships” who are then “shown videos of their partner allegedly cheating and have to guess if the video is real or a deep fake.” With viewers slamming the series as “psychological torture,” the EGOT actress wondered if Netflix has officially gone too far.

Former Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay, who was filling in for Sunny Hostin today, was the first to chime in with her opinion on the controversial show. After all, who knows reality dating shows better than someone who was famously on one?

“Coming from reality TV, a lot of contestants feel like producers don’t have their best interest. Now, I didn’t feel that way. I felt success from the show,” Lindsay said. “I think the reason there’s this outrage as well is because it plays into the deep fears of, ‘No one cares about our love story. No one cares that we’re having issues.’”

Alyssa Farah Griffin added that a “masochist clearly created” Deep Fake Love and that there’s “no win here.” She told the panel, “Either the partner cheats and then the relationship’s over. Or you falsely accuse the partner of cheating and expose that you don’t trust your partner. This is very dangerous.”

The former White House staffer then speculated that couples might only be joining the show for the $110,000 prize, which left a sour look on Goldberg’s face.

“That’s it? Damn. $110,000?” a disgusted Goldberg asked, before revealing how much it would take for her to sign onto a show like that: “Seventeen million. It would have to be over $10 million. But if you really want some TV, give me $17 million and watch me go to work.”



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