WHOOPI OUT The View host Whoopi Goldberg missing from show on first day of Season 27 as she struggles with scary illness

WHOOPI Goldberg has gone missing from the Season 27 premiere of The View on Tuesday.

Joy Behar took over as moderator and told the audience that Whoopi tested positive for Covid-19 again.

“As you can see, Whoopi is not here today,” she said.

“She has Covid,” Joy said, as the audience groaned.

“I know! It’s back. It’s back!”

Joy let everyone know that Whoopi is on the tail end of the sickness and “on the mend.””She’ll probably be back this week,” she said.

“Sorry she is not here for those of you who were looking forward to seeing her.”

Joy, 80, moderated and sat next to Sara Haines, Ana Navarro, Sunny Hostin, and Alyssa Farah Griffin.

Season 27 of The View began with a whole new set, and one less host, on Tuesday, September 5.It is not clear exactly when Whoopi, 67, will return to the show.

This is not the first time the host has had Covid.

At first, fans wondered where Whoopi was before Joy explained.

Fans flocked to social media to wish the moderator a speedy recovery and express their sadness over her absence.

“D**n Whoopi has Covid again. Smh!” said one X, formerly Twitter, user.

“Get well soon, Whoopi!” wrote another.

A third added: “It’s the season premiere of The View!!! A facelift set and everything is GOLD!!!!! But no Whoopi because of COVID. Dang. #TheView.”

“So I saw someone saw say Whoopi had covid. Aww. Again. Makes sense #TheView,” another View watcher said.

“Wait a minute #Whoopi has #Covid & is not on #TheView. I really don’t like it when Whoopi is not there,” a sad fan said.

“Oh, Lordt, Whoopi. Get well soon #TheView,” wrote one fan.

It is not clear where Whoopi contracted Covid-19 from, but she has been working on a movie in Italy.

During the summer hiatus, the actress was tagged in photos from producer, Roberto Cipullo, who is filming the film, Leopardi & Co.

Last week, he posted a candid photo with Whoopi.

They stood in a hallway in Montecassiano and smiled at each other.

Whoopi held onto her bag, as Roberto appeared to be reading from a paper.

Writing in Italian, the producer captioned the post: “And then when you’re finishing your meal with a Hollywood legend, a world music giant arrives and the evening becomes surreal. In Montecassiano, in the heart of the Marche region. Marvelous. And tomorrow we start…”A fan also captured a video of Whoopi on what looked to be the movie set.

She had her hair pulled back and wore glasses, which she got rid of earlier this year after having surgery on her eyes.



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