Whoopi Goldberg doesn’t want ‘AI duplicating’ her: ‘One is enough’

There will never be another Whoopi Goldberg — especially one created by artificial intelligence.

The 67-year-old co-host of “The View” has publicly expressed her wish to not be duplicated by technology once she dies. Her remarks came during a conversation Thursday with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson about the growing prevalence of AI.

“AI can study everything instantly,” Tyson, 64, asserted on the daytime talk show.

“But it can also lie,” co-host Joy Behar, 80, said.

Tyson continued to explain that he feels people are wrongly grouping all of AI into one category and deeming it problematic when humanity has already welcomed a version of it into their daily lives.

“When you call Siri, you’re talking to Siri. There’s no human in that,” he said of the iPhone’s AI assistant.

“Siri is telling you how to get to grandma’s house to avoid traffic updated by the moment, and no one says, ‘Oh, my gosh,’ ” he claimed, mimicking a freak out.

“It’s the frontier of AI where people worry about AI possibly achieving consciousness or taking control of the world, and, yeah, we should be worried about that,” Tyson continued.

“But to put everything into one category [of] AI, and somehow fear the rest of what AI is doing for us, I think is misguided.”Goldberg then declared: “I don’t want AI duplicating me. That’s what I don’t want.”

The “Ghost” star’s co-host Sara Haines, 45, quickly shot back: “Oh, we could never get two of you, Whoops.”

“One is enough,” Behar added with a laugh.

“But, think about what they’re doing in cinema,” Goldberg further argued her point. “They can duplicate folks, and you don’t know who’s who or which one is real.”

The Post has contacted reps for Goldberg for comment.This isn’t the first time Goldberg has been crystal clear about her posthumous wishes.

In December, she revealed that she has a clause in her will that prevents biopics from being made about her life unless the creators get permission from her family.

Her will also doesn’t allow her likeness to be used for a hologram, she revealed last month.Goldberg has always had her reservations about AI, even slamming Amazon’s “personal assistant” device, Alexa.

“You know she is listening. I don’t want her in the house,” Goldberg insisted in May.

“I don’t want anything that is smart enough to lock me out of my house. I don’t want anything that won’t let me drive my car. When you watch science fiction, it’s right there. They tell you.”



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