Steven Tyler’s Brutal Response To Kid Rock’s Warning

When Steven Tyler announced he’d appear as a judge on ‘American Idol,’ things didn’t go right at first. His Aerosmith bandmate Joe Perry wasn’t really happy about the singer’s decision, and he made sure his feelings were public.

Then, Kid Rock also decided to slam Steven down during an interview with Entertainment Weekly in 2010, stating the Aerosmith frontman had made ‘the stupidest thing he’s ever done in his life.’

The rock-rapper continued by insisting Tyler had ruined his career and even suggested that the singer needed professional assistance if he’d personally decided to appear on ‘American Idol.’ He said:

“If [Steven made the decision] himself, he needs some serious counseling. I love him to death, but I gotta speak the truth.”

Soon after Kid Rock’s comments went public, Steven decided to address them in 2010 while chatting with Billboard, revealing that he’d actually confronted the rocker about his criticism:

“Kid Rock was there when we went to the White House [on Dec. 5 to perform during the Paul McCartney tribute at the Kennedy Center Honors]. I looked at him and said, ‘You know what, man, I’m not going to argue with you. If I agreed with you, we’d both be wrong.’ [Laughs]”

Tyler continued his words by suggesting that Kid Rock had only made those comments because he needed the spotlight to promote his upcoming album. He said:

“Look, we’re all an outcome of what we’ve been, and he’s certainly lived a rough life. He’s got a single coming out and he’s like a pregnant animal. When you have an album, you want to protect it. You want to do whatever you can to make it happen. I just know that deep down inside, his comments don’t mean sh*t. It just doesn’t mean anything in the great scheme of things.”

The Aerosmith frontman ended his words by standing behind his decision:

“It’s television. I’ve never done this and it’s going to be fun, and if he thinks for a minute that it’s going to take my career down… I want what he’s smoking.”

Steven didn’t seem to care about Kid Rock’s criticism, but the public criticism of Joe Perry did cause some serious friction. It even led Perry to search for a new singer to replace Tyler on an Aerosmith tour, though the pair managed to make up afterwards.



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