“Proud to be a strong woman” – Riley Gaines shows off her muscles during Bahamas vacation

Riley Gaines posted vacation photos from the Bahamas, where she’s enjoying time with family and friends. In her tweet, Gaines expressed pride in her strength as a woman. The pictures she shared included shots of her in a bikini, highlighting her muscular physique.

Gaines acknowledged the possibility of receiving negative comments from transgender activists and allies who have critiqued her appearance as more muscular than most males. However, she took these comments as compliments, recognizing the dedication and hard work it takes to excel as an elite athlete.
“Enjoying some vacation time in the Bahamas 🥰 Ready for the incoming ‘you look more manly than most males’ comments. & I take that 100% as a compliment considering the dedication & hard work it takes to be an elite athlete. Proud to be a strong woman🫶🏼 #SaveWomensSports”
Gaines spoke highly of her younger sister, who is a state champion gymnast, and also mentioned that their family has a history of participating in college and professional athletics.

She regards her sister as an exceptional athlete among their family members, and her achievements have inspired Gaines to continue advocating for the protection of women’s sports.

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“Also, my lil sister is a beast. I come from a family of college/professional athletes, but she’s probably the best of us all. She’s a state champ gymnast…and she’s one reason why I continue fighting to protect women’s sports and spaces.”

“A man still trying to keep his job” – Riley Gaines hits back at Keith Olbermann showing off her swimming medals
Riley Gaines addressed Keith Olbermann’s recent comments in her Thursday tweet.

Olbermann had criticized Gaines’ swimming abilities and accused her of damaging her reputation by suing the NCAA over its policy regarding transwomen in women’s sports. Olbermann had labelled her lawsuit as “transphobic” and “bigoted.”

Gaines conveyed her lack of surprise at Olbermann’s criticism, noting his reputation for making controversial statements. She expressed pride in her swimming achievements and advocacy for women’s rights.

Furthermore, she emphasized her determination in the face of attempts to silence her, be it from Olbermann or anyone else.

Riley Gaines responded to Keith Olbermann’s critical remarks by sharing a video displaying her numerous SEC and NCAA medals.

“Hello Keith, when I was trying to show you my SEC award, it fell and the medal broke. That would have been unfortunate if i didn’t have more of those. But lucky for me I do, so let’s go through it.”

She made it clear that she remains unfazed by her criticisms.

“And so Keith, I will be really sad if I broke this trying to prove to an Old man, who can’t even seem to keep a job. But I got more of this so I am not. Thanks Keith.”



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