Megyn Kelly accuses Rapinoe of ‘poisoning team against the country’ amid national anthem controversy

Megyn Kelly is no stranger to controversy, and she’s most recently shared her unfiltered opinion on the debate concerning the US Women’s National team and their stance on singing the national anthem.

A wave of controversy was unleashed after the only three players of the starting eleven sang the anthem as “Star Spangled Banner” blasted through the speakers at Eden Park in the moments before their opening game against Vietnam.

A torrent of criticism was then directed at the team, with an equally large number of people also leaping to their defense. Former South Carolina Gov Nikki Haley published an angry tweet, denouncing the team’s lack of pride and patriotism.”The US women’s soccer team is living the American Dream. They were born in the freest, fairest country in the world that has rewarded their hard work,” Haley wrote.

“They should remember that blessing & the men & women (like my husband) proudly defending it next time the national anthem plays,” she concluded.

Debate rages on
It was a similar picture in the last two games. Against both the Netherlands and Portugal, very few players sang the national anthem.

It proved to be too much for former Fox journalist Megyn Kelly, who felt compelled to express her disapproval, pointing the finger at Megan Rapinoe for orchestrating this supposed ‘unpatriotic’ sentiment.

“Megan Rapinoe, she’s the leader of all this… She’s not a starter. So that’s why she’s not on camera when they’re doing the national anthem, but she’s behind a lot of this,” she explained on her podcast the Megyn Kelly show.

So angered was Kelly that she wished bad fortune on the team. “She’s (Rapinoe) poisoned the entire team against the country for which they play,” Kelly added. “I don’t know about you, but I’m not rooting for them. I’m not with them. I hope they lose…It’s shameful. These girls are shameful. They ought to be ashamed of themselves.”



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