“Just STFU” – Ruined Michael Jordan’s Final NCAA Game, Veteran Eviscerates Megan Rapinoe After World Cup Exit

Megan Rapinoe has received tons of criticism since the USWNT’s humiliating exit from the Women’s World Cup. The soccer veteran has preferred to stay lowkey but the public uproar goes on. A few days ago, a basketball veteran who will always be remembered for his heroics against Michael Jordan made a comment. He called out the soccer legend for her error on the pitch and issued ‘an official STFU’.

Since their World Cup exit, many big names have shared their thoughts on the USWNT, especially about Rapinoe. The soccer veteran has always been in the limelight for her outspoken personality and controversial opinions. Those opinions and views sometimes do not sit well with the masses. However, she hasn’t always faced criticism. Last month, Serena Williams’ former coach stood by the soccer veteran. Rennae Stubs deemed that fan’s criticism as ’embarrassing’.

Unfortunately, the criticism currently overpowers the messages of support in the fanbase. Apart from the rare support by Serena Williams former coach, Rapinoe is seemingly now on the receiving end of all the frustration that was built up in the fans’ minds for years. The latest name to join the bandwagon was Dan Dakich. His comments instantly went viral.

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He started off by saying, “I got two words for Megan Rapinoe. Just STFU”. The basketball pro continued, “Here’s the bottom line, you stunk, you shouldn’t have been out there”. Dakich also shed some light on the political aspects that Rapinoe had an issue with. He continued, “You hate a country, one of the few countries that give lesbian women the rights to do what you’re doing and become a millionaire doing it”.

Dakich made it clear that he wasn’t listening to any of her opinions and viewpoints from now on. He concluded, “So, Megan, shut the living hell up. Get in a tight nine with your girlfriend and have a wonderful life”. Without a doubt, those were a few strong words by the basketball veteran. While the USWNT legend is still yet to acknowledge his comments, the fanbase went berserk over Dakich’s words.

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Currently a sports commentator, he is best known for his heroics against Michael Jordan decades ago. Let’s dive deeper.

Here’s how Dan Dakich kept Michael Jordan quiet in his final NCAA game!
For this story, we roll back the calendar to 1984. Indiana managed to pull off a major upset in the East Regional NCAA semifinal against North Carolina. Dan Dakich was in Indiana whereas Michael Jordan was in Carolina playing his final college tournament. Despite just being his sixth start of the year, Dakich’s head coach instructed him to mark the future NBA legend. And it worked!

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The Fan’s Perspective

He managed to hold Jordan to just 13 points and Indiana ended up winning the game 72-68. The future legend spent most of the second half on the bench after getting fouled out. This would turn out to be his final college game. Decades later, the memory of Dakich not allowing Michael Jordan to dunk on him and Indiana still remains evergreen.



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