Oh, you thought it was gonna be a nice, quiet Labor Day Monday? Not when you live in a world with Clay Travis and Crazy Keith Olbermann! You have to have your head on a swivel at all times when CKO is in the mix.

And, right on cue, here comes our guy out of the basement — mask on, for sure — to defend women’s sports.

Wait, no. Sorry. That’s wrong. That’s sane.

Let me try again!

And, right on cue, here comes our guy out of the basement — mask on, for sure — to defend … college bands playing at halftime.

Yep. Clay found Keith’s line in the sand, and it’s college bands playing a halftime show on the field.

Forget Riley Gaines. This is what bravery looks like, folks:

Keith Olbermann is here to defend the bands
This Keith Olbermann is something else. Seriously. What happened to him? I mean, my God. What a looney-tune.

THIS is what Keith’s defending?! College football HALFTIME SHOWS?! That’s the big one? This is where he’s gonna challenge Clay Travis? On the future of … college football halftime shows?


By the way, Clay is right. I know everyone’s just gonna say I’m only saying that because he’s my boss, but I’m not. He wouldn’t cancel me for disagreeing with him — he’s not ESPN.

But I’m not, because he’s not wrong. Nobody gives a crap about college halftime shows. You know what fans do during halftime?

We go and take a piss and then get two more beers for $30 while scrolling through Twitter (x?) checking our bad gambling beats.

That’s what we do, crazy Keith Olbermann. We don’t watch the bands. We don’t care about the stupid bands. You might, because you’re a weirdo, but sane people don’t.

Oh well, can’t say it’s all the surprising. As Clay said, it’s pretty on brand for CKO. It’s not even that funny any more. Just sort of sad at this point.

Happy Labor Day, Keith. Clemson-Duke starts at 8 tonight, which means halftime will be around 9:45. Don’t forget to set your DVR!


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